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  1. 4

    HELP! Please!

    Hello I have a Vermont casting 1975 defiant that I have installed in my basement. it has a separate flu from my furnace but resides in the same chimney. Which is about 5 ft off the hight of the roof at one point but about level with the peak of the roof. The stove is piped to the chimney with a...
  2. V

    Brand New PelPro PP130 Issues

    hi i am new to this forum and i feel like i shouldnt be here this soon. ive been having pellet stove issues for months now so i broke down and purchased a PelPro PP130. Super excited when it came in i bought a bunch of pellets. I read the user manuel to make sure i didnt mess anything up. I did...
  3. K

    Cubic Mini Grizzly in Tiny House on Wheels

    I am starting this thread anew,because I do not want to jack someone's thread. I purchased a Grizzly on March 2015 and am just getting around to installing it now in my tiny house on wheels. Single wall flue was ordered with the stove, but now is redundant.(Waste of money) Spent the last month...
  4. bworre71

    Westpoint Frustration

    Good Morning, looking for some suggestions My Stove is driving me bananas I kept breaking hitch pins clogging up and burning out motors. I recently upgraded to the Nylatron Upgraded Bearing, wire brushed everything and I am still getting clogs. My stove does not like hardwood pellets, so I...
  5. C

    St. Croix Alburn Room Fan Cutting out.

    I replaced a old room fan last year because it was noisy and sounded like it was going to stop. This year I fired it up after a huge cleaning and the new fan sounds great. After 30 to 40 minites the Fan starts to cut out some. Like its dropping voltage or something. I tried several different...