1. bworre71

    Westpoint Frustration

    Good Morning, looking for some suggestions My Stove is driving me bananas I kept breaking hitch pins clogging up and burning out motors. I recently upgraded to the Nylatron Upgraded Bearing, wire brushed everything and I am still getting clogs. My stove does not like hardwood pellets, so I...
  2. bworre71

    Hudson River Westpoint Hitch Pin keeps breaking

    Good Afternoon, My Stove keeps breaking hitch pins any ideas as to why.... there is no jam and the augur is free spinning.
  3. bworre71

    Auger Pin Alternatives

    Good Morning, The pin for my auger broke http://www.eastcoasthearth.com/products/auger-cotter-hitch-pin-breckwell-hudson-river-saranac-west-point-hrsp-134s-spsa1028-bp211 here is the replacement, but they want 12 bucks for shipping a 3 buck part does anyone know where I can buy a...