Collar stove with GAP!

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Jul 16, 2022
Hi there, I’m living in a narrowboat and already starts thinking about the cold season.

I’ve been using a boatman stove and found that the collar has a lil gap, is a matter of mm, but when I put the fire def I can see through. What u would suggest? Someone told me the collar is not replaceable, so Im trying to figure it out if is possible use other option like fire cement maybe?!?

Attached the pic.
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Cement would nor work long term. It'd fall off from the heat/cold cycle. Itll need to have a bead of weld put on.
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in general, I would think small gaps around flue collar could be filled by putting some thin stove gasket in the area. Push in gasket ( not too forceful) with a flathead screwdriver).
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Is that thick ring collar necessary? I don't see it on a standard Boatman stove. If not, remove it and connect the stovepipe directly to the stove or get the proper adapter for the stovepipe. I think these stoves take 5" stovepipe.
Additionally, the stovepipe is too close to the wood. In a residential installation, it would require 18" clearance. The wood trim or the stove pipe should be properly shielded. Or better yet, replace it with Boatman's double-walled stovepipe which is mandated on all new boats.
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