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Nov 20, 2014
So my old englander finally bit the big one. Bought a new one from HD.

Problem i ran into was i couldnt get the old stove from the tee. Soooo out came the hammer. I wasnt worried because i have a brand new tee i never used. So i beat the crap out of it LOL .

Well the old pipe (selkirk) wont work with the new tee. The new tee is made by BDM biovent.

The new an old pipes are double wall and 3".

I need either 1" of BDM double wall to make a complete new chimney. And its black so its purdy lol I dont even know where my father got this kit??

Or a selkirk tee with a clean out.

Problem is.. i cant find either one locally.

So my big question...

*****Will a duravent piece fit with either selkirk or BDM?*****

Would like to avoid ordering online cuz well it's chilly lol was hoping to hook up the new stove and silicone it tonight. But while doing so... thats when i noticed my problem

PS checked CL already and its a no go

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