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  1. H

    Alderlea T5, Selkirk Chimney, stovepipe middle - a question!

    Hi there, Newbie here. The old stovepipe installation in my cabin failed the recent WETT inspection. Alderlea T5 woodstove below, a Selkirk chimney above, and a stovepipe in the middle -- that I don't quite understand. Single-walled pipe, 6", with an elbow turn, going up to ceiling support...
  2. M

    Selkirk DSP and Vermont Castings Compatibility

    Hi, I’m trying to install my new Vermont Castings Aspen C3 wood stove. It’s replacing a stove, so I’d like to use the same stove pipe and chimney system I have in place already. Problem is, is it seems the stove is not compatible with any of the selkirk dsp components. The telescoping double...
  3. hummingbird027

    Will a Selkirk Metalbestos 6 inch DSP Chimney Pipe Adapter fit an Excel 6 inch chimney pipe?

    I'm trying to go cheap on acquiring my stove pipe and chimney pipe through Craigslist and scored a good deal on Excel, but I need 48" more to reach the 7ft I need to meet codes for an 84 inch chimney. I can get a great deal on a Selkirk Metalbestos All Fuel Class A Chimney Pipe - 6 In. Diameter...
  4. Petal

    Englander 1500, Windows and Selkirk Direct-Temp

    Hello all, Please help us figure out how we can safely install an Englander 1500 pellet stove in our home. The instruction manual on the Englander says the vent has to be 4' from any window that opens. We're in an old farmhouse with windows everywhere. There is nowhere in our living space...
  5. T

    Connecting a Jotul F400 to a Selkirk 6" DSP Double wall stove pipe

    Hello, I am new to this forum and new to woodstoves. I am currently installing a Jotul F400 (Single door) woodstove that I purchased used. I am planning to run Selkirk/Metalbestos stove and chimney pipe (already purchased) straight up through the living room ceiling, into a closet, and then out...
  6. D

    Pellet Stove Piping

    So my old englander finally bit the big one. Bought a new one from HD. Problem i ran into was i couldnt get the old stove from the tee. Soooo out came the hammer. I wasnt worried because i have a brand new tee i never used. So i beat the crap out of it LOL . Well the old pipe (selkirk) wont...
  7. WoodyIsGoody

    Chinook 30 install

    I have 12 feet of vertical 6" Selkirk DCC double wall pipe to reach my SS chimney. The tech guy at Selkirk said I would need a Selkirk DCC stove adapter to properly fit the flange on a Chinook 30 so I ordered one of those too. But it gets weird. The double wall pipe fits the stove flange...