Help Needed!!! Harman P61A vent options for existing chimney

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Oct 25, 2017
Chambersburg PA
Hey guys! I am a newbie to the pellet stove thing and just picked up a Harman P61A to replace my coal stove in the family room. Thought that it would be easy to just call the local dealer and have them install it. Well they quoted me $1,200.00. Really need an affordable option and not sure how this should be vented or what I need. I have seen some people with the same model and forgive me if this is posted on another thread, BUT I am not seeing what I need and need your help.
  • I want to pull the old coal stove out and use the chimney for the pellet stove.
  • Read that 3" would work, does it have to be double walled?
  • Can it be flexible pipe (run is about 25 feet)?
  • Does it need a fresh air vent, because as it is all brick except the hole for pipe. If a fresh air pipe is needed, can cut the brick behind the stove into and from the garage if that is ok.
This really got complicated.

Any recommendation will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  • Help Needed!!! Harman P61A vent options for existing chimney
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  • Help Needed!!! Harman P61A vent options for existing chimney
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For a 25 foot run you will need a 4" single wall flexible SS liner.
You will have to increase the Pellet Vent from 3" to 4"
after attaching the pellet stove adapter, & run that to the liner
connection in the existing chimney.
Depending on how tight your house is, you may not need the Outside Air Kit (OAK),
& I would run the stove without it. It can always be added later.
I would NOT draw combustion air from your garage. There tend to be flammables
stored in garages & you do not want combustible fumes added to your fire.
Check the install manual for your stove, it has nice examples of installs. If you do not have one you can download it from the Harman site. If your existing flue is in good operable condition you can vent the stove directly into the flue. On the install manual from the Harman site it is option #3 install into an existing Chimney. I have my P68 installed in that manner, no issues. Some do not prefer that install method, so ultimately it is up to you, I just wanted to point out it is an option.

When I had mine installed I talked with the dealer about running a 4" liner in my flue, he said they would be certainly glad to do that, but it was not necessary with that stove.

No matter how you install be sure to have a CO detector at every level of your home.

BTW I also chose not to install an OAK, can add it later, but run mine for a year, probably will not be installing one in the future. I was happy how it worked without the OAK. Depends on the install.
Our P43 replaced a old wood/coal stove. Runs right into the chimney, just needed an adapter for the opening. Works fine, no OAK.