1. P

    Help! Min clearance from power line?

    Hello, im wondering how close my wood fired chimney can be to a power line, I just dont want to worry about melting the power line. The line comes off a pole then over my roof to the drop. Its about the same height and about 3ft away. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. S

    Well.... no tee clean out cap on SS Liner

    Hello, I am new to wood burners and this site but hopefully someone can give me some advice. My problem, So i recently had to reinstall a SS liner down my unlined interior chimney for a wood burning stove. I insulated the liner and added a SS Tee with clean out but my friend who was helping...
  3. D

    New stove in Old house

    Hi There, hoping for some help on a woodstove install in an old stone house we just bought. The previous owner had an indoor stove, and had to take it out per his insurance company's request, he said it was because the UL sticker on the stove was too damaged to read. He installed an outdoor...
  4. N

    Jotul 8 Help, please!

    My landlord installed a Jotul 8 (upgraded from a 600) The chimney configuration is the same. Tested a couple of fires but having trouble with the smoke not going up the chimney even with the glass door open. Wood is not wet or green. From what I read, the draft is full open when slid to the...
  5. K

    Do I need to additional insulation to PelletVent Pro rigid liner?

    Hi, Update 9/6/19 : I called Duravent; their associate told me that PelletVent Pro does not need additional insulation. He also mentioned that liner extending 1, or 2 feet above the masonry chimney should not impair the function of the liner. Original post: A first-time installer. The house...
  6. K

    How much slack do I need for PelletVent Pro flex pipe?

    Hello, I am planning to use PelletVent Pro flexible pipe to connect rigid liner to a pellet stove-insert exhuast. The masonary chimney height is 12 feet from hearth to the flue vent. A straight passage of 8' 2" from flue vent to top edge of the damper. PelletVent Pro install instruction reads...
  7. X

    Outside venting

    I just purchased a Harmon XXV, planning to vent it through my chimney, do I need outside air or will chimney have enough draft. (1500 ft Cape, pellet stove in living room, chimney runs from basement through attic, three floors. Yes I have separate ceramic flues in chimney, one for furnace, one...
  8. R

    Masonry Fireplace - Interior Wall/Two Story Home

    We are in the preliminary phases of design of a new house. The wife wants a masonry fireplace on an interior wall and I have questions and concerns about this. On the second floor, the chimney will pass through where the master bedroom/walk in closet will be in. First floor height is 9' and the...
  9. SpaceBus

    Chimney and Liner Products

    My first floor is almost entirely gutted and we are planning significant changes to the house. One of which is a wood cook stove in the kitchen. I have found a UL listed model that does all the things I want and even has a rear vent. I've been reading around the forums and have seen Ventis and...
  10. A

    Heat transfer from chimney cavity

    Hi, I have installed a insert/inbuilt fireplace with 6" chimney into the old open fireplace with brick chimney. The fireplace gets hot and has a fan however does not really heat the whole house and I think a lot of heat is missed due to the chimney not being exposed and only the face of the...
  11. jurek

    chimney rebuild

    hello Due to insufficient draw I’m planning to rebuild the chimney and would like to have your opinion. I kind of concluded that my chimney is simply too narrow. it has a 18cm diameter and a length of 4m. The oven has ‘sufficient’ draw with a diameter of only 12cm in the first section. When I...
  12. W

    Please help identify this pipe.

    Hi everyone. My wife and I purchased a Woodstock soapstone Ideal steel stove so we could reduce our ridiculous oil bill in our newly purchased home. I am sad to say I have had no succes in getting it installed. Our house has a manufactured stainless steel flue that was installed inside a chase...
  13. B

    Crackling in chimney

    Hello, we've been burning in our wood stove since about October. Over the weekend, we heard some crackling in the stovepipe (up near the ceiling) and decided it was time to clean the chimney. We did that, but our stove has baffle boards on top, so after sweeping everything down we kind of...
  14. BamaRama

    Roofer painted chimney

    The roofers painted my Supervent chimney to match the roof. I did not want it painted and no one asked. Prior to job start I told the roofing contractor verbatim, " If you need to change anything on the chimney, let me know". and there's nothing in the contract about painting it. Once it's...
  15. T

    Chimney leaks and fixing the leak... properly

    Hi, I'm new to this so bear with me if I use the wrong terminology or ask an 'easy' question. We purchased a log home last spring (built in 1989), it has a wood burning stove and previous owners said that it cleaned and inspected before house went on the market (summer 2017). This winter we...
  16. PNWwoodstove

    From 8” chimney pipe to 6”pipe

    Hi, I picked up Vermont Castings Defiant Encore woodstove that had 8 inch piece of pipe with it. Although the opening in the stove is oval shape, I found the reducer to 6” in “Costal” for my particular stove. It’s an daapter from oval shape hole that fits 6 inch pipe. The newer version of...
  17. D

    Trouble connecting metalbestos ss 8” chimney pipe

    Hello everyone, first time posting here. After looking through the broad spectrum of topics here I can’t seem to find an answer to my question. I’m trying to reinstall a “metalbestos model ss” chimney on the back of my house. (Moved from the front last year). The original tee was very used...
  18. W

    Clearance to Non-Combustibles

    I am installing a wood stove (Werner W-130) in an unfinished basement. I have gone through NFPA 211 but i can not find the answer to clearances to non-combustibles. The basement floor is concrete so per i should not need any added protection or clearance reduction. However, I can not...
  19. I

    Am I being Lied To?

    Hello, I purchased a home in July of this year. It was originally built in 1900 and was completely renovated before coming to my hands. One of the conditions in the agreement of purchase and sale was that the gas fireplace insert in the wood burning chimney would be operational by close. It...
  20. Brownstone mony pit

    A p61a, accentra 52i, and a serenity walk into a stone house.... looking for advice

    Hello! I have a few questions about what would be the best setup for some new stoves I've acquired this summer. I got a castle serenity back in January and it paid for itself this past winter with a 1000 dollar savings of oil. So instead of paying another $4500 for the hotwater baseboard to...
  21. M

    Fireplace flue - unusual blob

    Hi, We've got an unusual blob formed on the external wall of the chimney flue. Just wondering if you have seen anything like that before and know what it could be? The flue kit has been installed new in Sept-Oct 2015 Haven't touched it yet, as don't want to damage the flue any further just at...
  22. Barrie WETT Inspector

    Chimney Identification Required

    I am pretty sure this is an A type chimney. I would like someone with more experience to verify before telling home owner it has to be replaced. Thanks for your assistance :) Roger Frost
  23. M

    Zero-Clearance Wood Stove Draft Issues

    I am in the process of replacing my old fireplace with a new zero-clearance wood stove. I would like to use combustion air from inside the home, but I have had pretty bad downdrafting. It seems to work ok when I use outside combustion air, but I have read several articles on why this is bad...
  24. P

    Raise fireplace to create hearth?

    I have a KozyHeat Z42 that currently sits directly on the subfloor. The fireplace sits inside a framed space that runs floor to 15' ceiling. It's the focal point of our great room. What I would like to do is lift the fireplace about 6", create a hearth in front, and wrap the entire column in...
  25. M

    Insert to Free standing stove conversion help

    Greeting, I have admittedly been away for a few years but when I was a regular visitor I recall an article/post about converting an existing masonry fireplace into a usable flue for a free standing woodstove. My current setup is a red bricked hearth that has a Regency I3100 pushing heat out...
  26. SteveHyper

    Can anyone identify the brand of my twin wall flue pipe?

    I need to get some parts (single to twin adapter, brackets etc.) but need to know what brand the pipes are to make sure they're compatible. Any help would be much appreciated! I'm in the UK if that helps.
  27. J

    chimney size help

    hi, we are looking at purchasing the drolet classic wood stove and it says we need a 6" chimney. we just had out old masonry chimney relined with a 5.5" as thats all that would fit. we have a 6" thimble through the wall. will that setup work for the stove?
  28. pyrojoe

    Cinder block chimney install

    Hi all, it's been a few years since I've burnt wood due to moving to a new place. I've been hoping to get a wood burning furnace installed in the basement and haven't gotten it done to this point (more questions coming on that). My first item of business is getting my chimney situation figured...
  29. S

    Looking at VC Defiant....rear vent?

    I am looking at purchasing an old VC Defiant for a good price locally. It looks like it should fit in the fireplace and protrude out of the raised hearth maybe a foot or so (I have over 18" of space on the hearth). I am looking at installing the stove but maybe or may not be moving next summer...
  30. B

    Class A Chimney touches OSB sheet when exiting through the roof

    Hello- I recently had a 6" class A chimney installed straight up through the ceiling and then the roof. The pipe is clearing the rafter by 2" but is in direct contact to the OSB sheet under the metal roof. Is that cause for concern and should I contact the contractor to cut away some more of...