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  1. W

    Clearance to Non-Combustibles

    I am installing a wood stove (Werner W-130) in an unfinished basement. I have gone through NFPA 211 but i can not find the answer to clearances to non-combustibles. The basement floor is concrete so per i should not need any added protection or clearance reduction. However, I can not...
  2. I

    Am I being Lied To?

    Hello, I purchased a home in July of this year. It was originally built in 1900 and was completely renovated before coming to my hands. One of the conditions in the agreement of purchase and sale was that the gas fireplace insert in the wood burning chimney would be operational by close. It...
  3. Brownstone mony pit

    A p61a, accentra 52i, and a serenity walk into a stone house.... looking for advice

    Hello! I have a few questions about what would be the best setup for some new stoves I've acquired this summer. I got a castle serenity back in January and it paid for itself this past winter with a 1000 dollar savings of oil. So instead of paying another $4500 for the hotwater baseboard to...
  4. M

    Fireplace flue - unusual blob

    Hi, We've got an unusual blob formed on the external wall of the chimney flue. Just wondering if you have seen anything like that before and know what it could be? The flue kit has been installed new in Sept-Oct 2015 Haven't touched it yet, as don't want to damage the flue any further just at...
  5. Barrie WETT Inspector

    Chimney Identification Required

    I am pretty sure this is an A type chimney. I would like someone with more experience to verify before telling home owner it has to be replaced. Thanks for your assistance :) Roger Frost
  6. M

    Zero-Clearance Wood Stove Draft Issues

    I am in the process of replacing my old fireplace with a new zero-clearance wood stove. I would like to use combustion air from inside the home, but I have had pretty bad downdrafting. It seems to work ok when I use outside combustion air, but I have read several articles on why this is bad...
  7. P

    Raise fireplace to create hearth?

    I have a KozyHeat Z42 that currently sits directly on the subfloor. The fireplace sits inside a framed space that runs floor to 15' ceiling. It's the focal point of our great room. What I would like to do is lift the fireplace about 6", create a hearth in front, and wrap the entire column in...
  8. M

    Insert to Free standing stove conversion help

    Greeting, I have admittedly been away for a few years but when I was a regular visitor I recall an article/post about converting an existing masonry fireplace into a usable flue for a free standing woodstove. My current setup is a red bricked hearth that has a Regency I3100 pushing heat out...
  9. SteveHyper

    Can anyone identify the brand of my twin wall flue pipe?

    I need to get some parts (single to twin adapter, brackets etc.) but need to know what brand the pipes are to make sure they're compatible. Any help would be much appreciated! I'm in the UK if that helps.
  10. J

    chimney size help

    hi, we are looking at purchasing the drolet classic wood stove and it says we need a 6" chimney. we just had out old masonry chimney relined with a 5.5" as thats all that would fit. we have a 6" thimble through the wall. will that setup work for the stove?
  11. pyrojoe

    Cinder block chimney install

    Hi all, it's been a few years since I've burnt wood due to moving to a new place. I've been hoping to get a wood burning furnace installed in the basement and haven't gotten it done to this point (more questions coming on that). My first item of business is getting my chimney situation figured...
  12. S

    Looking at VC Defiant....rear vent?

    I am looking at purchasing an old VC Defiant for a good price locally. It looks like it should fit in the fireplace and protrude out of the raised hearth maybe a foot or so (I have over 18" of space on the hearth). I am looking at installing the stove but maybe or may not be moving next summer...
  13. B

    Class A Chimney touches OSB sheet when exiting through the roof

    Hello- I recently had a 6" class A chimney installed straight up through the ceiling and then the roof. The pipe is clearing the rafter by 2" but is in direct contact to the OSB sheet under the metal roof. Is that cause for concern and should I contact the contractor to cut away some more of...
  14. B

    Help Needed!!! Harman P61A vent options for existing chimney

    Hey guys! I am a newbie to the pellet stove thing and just picked up a Harman P61A to replace my coal stove in the family room. Thought that it would be easy to just call the local dealer and have them install it. Well they quoted me $1,200.00. Really need an affordable option and not sure how...
  15. S

    8.5" Thimble!

    I have a Cawley-Lemay 800 and reconditioned it this spring. I am ready to put it back in service but I have an issue. My stainless steel chimney insert that was installed previous to owning this house is 8.5" at the thimble. I have no clue why but I don't want to have to order a specially made...
  16. S

    Noob here, need some help

    I recently purchased a us stove 6039 used from a Facebook garage sale site. I'm in the process of going through it and double checking all working components. The question I have is my house has a Chimney already there, it's 6" coming through the wall. Will I be able to reduce that down and...
  17. H

    Gas Fire Advice

    Hi all, I need a little advice on modern gas fireplaces. I am building a new chalet and have decided to go down the natural gas fireplace route. I would like a contemporary minimal looking long, low and possibly open on front and back. I am not interested in the heat output as it is purely for...
  18. S

    What material do you use for the roof of a masonry firebox?

    Hi! Any advice much appreciated. What material do you use for the roof of a masonry firebox? The discussion and comments here: seem to indicate that you can just use cement for the firebox roof. If regular cement is used for the roof, not...
  19. Euphoria

    Pellet burner installation advice needed please - concerning issues

    Hello everyone, it's my first time posting here so I'll start by saying hi... "Hi" :) I apologise in advance, this is a long post as I have a few different questions and worries, therefore I want to explain in detail as I'm quite concerned. Situation and my concerns: My elderly father has...
  20. B

    Picked up 18' of stainless class A chimney pipe for $100. Run all the way?

    Hi, I'm currently getting all the pieces together for a new stove/chimney install in the house we bought last year and I just picked up 18' of stainless class A chimney pipe (6") on craigslist for $100. That's obviously a killer price so I am now considering running that stuff all the way from...
  21. S

    chimney liner question

    Hello long time lurker first time poster. I am brand new to wood burning and have yet to burn a log. I picked up a naploen 1402 insert and and am unsure what type of pipe I need to install it into my fireplace. My chimney is ceramic lined and is wide enough to accommodate a 6 inch pipe. My...
  22. VirginiaIron

    What have you done to your stove/chimney today?

    I checked the top of the stove for straightness and cleaned out the firebox and gave my stove a thorough inspection from the outside while checking seams and welds. From the inside via the firebox and the throat, I checked welds, looked for corrosion, and assessed the condition of the baffle. I...
  23. Barrie WETT Inspector

    Here's a Beauty of an Install

    You can imagine my surprise when I walked around side of building and saw this home made connection into masonry chimney. House was for sale so who knows how they planned on fixing that mess.
  24. J

    Chimney... Creosote?

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the site but have been loving what I've been reading so far. Lots of great stuff on hear that's getting me really excited to start burning some wood for the first time! I have ordered the Supreme Volcano Plus and am planning a DIY install on a an exterior masonry...
  25. O

    Regency Hearth Heater ( H2100M )Installation

    Is there a secret to removal of metalbest once locked down? I opened up the wall (corner) giving myself plenty of room to grab the pipe and turn counter-clockwise but there was not a hint of it budging. DO I need to use a thin bee keepers pry bar to perhaps break a creosote seal inside or what...
  26. S

    Existing two sided wood burning fireplace fix needed

    We have a 1959 ranch that has a large 2002 addition both on the first floor and now a second floor. The prior owner expanded the existing fireplace to make it a two sided fireplace -- one side in the original family room (now dining room) on what was an outside wall, and the other side in the...
  27. S

    Best way to fit stove on and/or in fireplace?

    We recently moved into a home, and there's an original fireplace that's rather plain and terrible at putting out any heat. Now, my wife is rather taken with the looks of a freestanding stove, so we're wondering if we could put it on the existing fireplace hearth, and perhaps partly inside the...
  28. W

    Need Help! I am stuck in smokes!

    Hi, I am new to wood stoves, so I am reaching out to the experts for help. I recently purchased Woodstock Soapstone Absolute Steel stove. Unfortunately the stove / setup is not working well and I do not know what the issue is... The issue: When I try to burn paper in the stove, it burns well...
  29. VirginiaIron

    To Insulate or Not Insulate a Flexible Liner - That is the question!

    I have been debating the use of insulation on a flexible liner and I have received mixed opinions from some people and the sales reps. It seems that insulation is required from most insurance companies to maintain safe clearances rather than stack temp and creosote- although stack temps and...
  30. C

    Damaged 7x7 terracotta liner dilemma

    Greetings, Let me start by describing my chimney. The chimney has 3 flues. One used by the gas furnace (in the basement) one used by a gas fireplace (on the first floor) and the last is unused. I was hoping to use this last flue for a wood stove in the basement. I got a good deal on a stove...