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  1. Kosmonauts

    soffit/overhang under side flashing?

    Hello, About to finish up my installation with the duraplus triple wall chimney pipe and have run into a little bit of a pickle. I am going through my soffit/overhang and basically just want a piece of flashing on the under side of the overhang where the pipe starts to go through. I...
  2. 19glendale

    Liner Diameter Question

    I am in the process of figuring out the logistics of liner install in my masonry fireplace chimney. I have a question about my flue diameter in reference to liner diameter. The chimney is clay/terra cotta lined. The house is a 2 story colonial built in the 1940s. The top of the fireplace to...
  3. earthbelowus

    Can I just cover up Prefab Majestic ZC Fireplace with heat shield, then put wood stove in front?

    HI all, We just moved in to our new house, and we're ready to convert our zero clearance wood burning fireplace insert to a nice radiant soapstone wood stove. I'd really like to avoid removing the insert, because from what I can find online, that's a HUGE project that could involve ripping...
  4. N

    Wood burner in pole barn

    I have recently purchased an older "Thermalator Inc" The Boss" wood stove. I have pretty well decided to go through the roof. The stove came with some "lightly used" single wall black pipe (6") the previous owner had been using. From what I understand once I go through the roof I need to have...
  5. C

    Stovepipe reducer problem -- Rain getting in help!

    Help! I paid a local Anchorage company (Alaska Chimney Sweep) to install my new fireplace insert because Allstate told me it had to be professionally done to be covered. After paying $900+, the installer told me she would get her "sheet metal guy" to fab a part to cover the old stove pipe hole...
  6. 19glendale

    Chimney Liner Recommendations Please

    I just received my Century S244 (same firebox as the Drolet Pyropak), a small freestanding stove I'm putting in my masonry fireplace. Next, I need to get the chimney liner. From what I've read, people recommend the single wall liners with insulation versus the double wall liners, as they are...
  7. 19glendale

    Damper Removal?

    Looking to get my project of a small freestanding stove (Century S244 (same firebox as Drolet Pyropak)) into my masonry fireplace underway. I need to begin by removing the damper. It is integral to the masonry hearth, as the rotating activator handle is on the front face of the mantle. The...
  8. Kosmonauts

    Window well/basement install

    hey guys, I've had this topic on here before and came to the conclusion with everyone that it is ok and safe to have the class a chimney in a window well due to having to come out below ground. Wondering if anyone has done this on here and may have pictures. I got robbed from a contractor...
  9. BradleyW

    Considering lengthening my chimney

    I have a 16' chimney with two 90 degree turns in my stovepipe and I am considering lengthening the chimney to improve draft. With my current set-up I am usually able to close my primary air about 75% and get a good hot, clean burn with no smoke and little creosote build-up. My wood is pretty...
  10. webfish

    Calculators Chimney Liner Size Calculator And Selection Guide

    This handy guide is provided to assist you in choosing the right size and type of chimney liner for your home.
  11. S

    Chimney Rebuild

    I recently purchased a 115 yo house that has 2 fireplaces. The previous owners decided to raise the roof for added floor space and dismantled the brick chimney to about 2 feet below the roofline in the attic. I was wondering what my options might be. Can a cap be used on the terminal end and...
  12. S

    1 month chimney inspection

    It's been a little over a month since we've started using the Drolet HT2000. So during today's mild weather I decided to inspect the chimney. This is what I found Thoughts??
  13. M

    Cost of free standing stove and installation

    Hello! I am interested in purchasing a free standing wood stove for supplemental heating for our 1800 sqft. colonial style 2 story, 3 bedroom house. I had an installer come out today who quoted me for $8,500 for a Regency F2400 plus the price of the class a chimney installation. I can't do an...
  14. D

    Need help to identifying chimney pipe

    Hi, I need help to identifying chimney pipe. I've buy an old heritage cartier wood stove with 2100 chimney(this Is the seller told me) and double wall chimney on kijiji for install in my house but the stickers was removed and i can't found what is brand of chimney. I need to find compatibles...
  15. T

    Am I getting scammed?

    I had a Jotul stove put in 10 years ago. The opening was for a gas fireplace that, apparently, was either taken out or never put in. The company that installed the stove did a really bad job (it was all new to me, so I didn't know). They've since gone out of business, of course. Anyway, I...
  16. D

    Cost of installing a new pellet stove liner

    We had a company company inspect our chimney and liner. They mentioned the liner needed to be replaced. My questions are: 1) How much should a new liner cost with installation (a rough estimate)? I believe the liner is 4 inches in diameter and about 25 feet tall. I see whole kits going for...
  17. Fieldborntemple

    Pre-fab chimney height near existing brick chimney

    I understand the requirement for chimney hight is 3' above point of passage through roof and 2' taller than structure in a 10' radius. My question is this: My existing brick chimney has multiple flues within it. Is there any reason I can't run my pre-fab triple-wall chimney up along my...
  18. Wood recycler

    Excessive heat behind insert

    Hello, I am hoping some others here might share what they have done. I've been burning 5 yrs. Burning is my primary source of heat for the winter months of Michigan. I have had a work in progress for several years now. Below is what I did over a period of time. I have fireplace exterior...
  19. W

    Permanently Seal a Chimney

    I have gone to a Direct Vent gas insert that has been routed out the back wall of my chimney. The existing two story brick chimney is attached to my house on only one surface with the remaining three surfaces being exposed to the elements. The firebox is above ground level. I don't plan on...
  20. L

    L. Lange & Co. Stove 6302-3 KJ

    Hi all, I am looking for more info on the value of this wood burning stove. I am also selling it with the chimney as well. I tried searching the forums here, but I am having difficulty getting a clear picture of its value. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  21. G

    Ceiling Mount Installation Question

    Getting ready to install my chimney pipe in a couple days. The room we're putting the stove in shoots off side of house and has a cathedral ceiling (used to be a concrete slab, previous owner enclosed it). I'm supposed to pick up the parts tomorrow and was wondering the pros/cons of using/not...
  22. A

    How clean should a chimney be before a new liner?

    Hey everyone, this is the first time I'm posting here. I had some good words suggesting I post here. I'm looking to install a fireplace insert into an old pre-existing fireplace. We use it quite often and didn't clean it as often as we should have. Now to install a wood burning insert I...
  23. M

    Mid-Century Fireplace Conversion Questions

    Hey all, Sorry if this is a re-post, but I searched around and couldn't find answers to all my fireplace questions I have. I have a house that was built in the late 50s / early 60s, and am looking to get the fireplace operational again. I recently had a chimney sweep inspect everything, and...
  24. webfish


    DON’T Just “Do it” - Placing a wood stove into an existing masonry chimney could be hazardous to your health and house. Read this to learn more. One of our biggest problems occurs when a customer enters the shop and states “I have an existing woodstove into a masonry chimney - I’d like to...