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Feb 25, 2016
Albany, NY
I recently purchased a 115 yo house that has 2 fireplaces. The previous owners decided to raise the roof for added floor space and dismantled the brick chimney to about 2 feet below the roofline in the attic.

I was wondering what my options might be. Can a cap be used on the terminal end and then extend a metal chimney through the roof or does the brick have to be totally rebuilt through the new roof?

The heating system uses a different exhaust chimney on the other side of the house.

Thanks in advance


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You can use one of these on each masonry chimney. After that's installed,
continue through the roof, flashing & storm collar all the way to the cap,
with Class A Chimney Pipe. You will have to use standard framing techniques
to box in the roof opening if your pipe location hits a rafter.
If the roof is trussed instead of stick framed, you will have have an engineer
sign off on the framing details.


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