Need to say a huge thank you to BKVP for helping us get an installation issue corrected.

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Oct 2, 2021
Henry County, TN
The original installer didn't quite get it right and we ended up with no draft and smoke in the house 14 months after the original install.
BKVP asked some questions via pm and by phone and then the company got a hold of the dealer that sold/installed the Blaze King Princess 30.2 and things were corrected relatively quickly with no additional installation or any other charges.

There was nothing wrong with the stove, just had a weak and leaky pipe installation (23' of pipe and two 45 elbows together plus the chimney hole was a few inches off from where the wood burner was set).

Anyway, it's all good. Many thanks for the support after the sale and for going above and beyond expectations.

We love our wood burner!
You're welcome, however the process was made easier by our regional rep being involved and speaking with the dealer.
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