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  1. B

    Yurt Stove Recommendations at 9200 ft

    Hi, I've been lurking on here for a while, but wanted to get some feedback from the community. We have 40 acres at 9200ft in a remote location in Colorado. Our property is forested with unlimited timber, both live and dead. The wood, unfortunately, isn't of the highest caliber for burning, as...
  2. F

    Cut Offs? Picture Included

    Fellow Woodburners, What say ye about burning dimension cut offs? Seller claims untreated. It would go in a BK Ashford 25, catalytic. Picture here. Thanks!
  3. S

    catalytic vs non-catalytic: Blaze King, Pacific Energy, or Jotul

    Hi, I know this topic has been discussed at length but I'm still undecided. I have a three story above grade home with a woodstove on the second story (oil furnace heats first floor). I currently burn an older Osburn that needs replacing. My chimney is 90 degree through wall and then another 90...
  4. Krock

    Blaze King vs other brands?

    Hey folks, been reading through quite a few of the forums and there is lots of good info. I recently bought a 2700 sq ft newer mobile home in northern NM. I have a quadrafire 1200 pellet stove but I grew up on wood. I am currently going through roughly 4-5 tons/year of pellets and at $350/ton...
  5. C

    Insert vs free standing replacement

    Hey everyone my first post here. Im at a point where i need to make a decision and im not seeing a clear direction on which will be best. So here we go: We bought our home 3 years ago. Its a 1600sqft ranch house. Has a fireplace in the center of the house (picture added) and a fisher baby...
  6. J

    BK Sirocco 25 Thermostat Issue

    Hello, I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue before I make a call to my local shop that installed the insert. As the title suggests, I have a Blaze King Sirocco 25 that was installed this past February. It's been working great up until the last two loads. It seems as if the thermostat is stuck...
  7. C

    Blaze king princess smoke smell?

    I had a new princess insert installed this October and I have not been able to burn without getting a smoke smell. It seems to be coming from the door. I did the paper test on it and it passes around the entire frame, but upon checking the gasket I noticed the imprint left by the stove edge is...
  8. S

    Blaze King Ashford 30.2 Door Hinge/Gasket

    We purchased a new blaze king Ashford 30.2 last fall and are experiencing an issue with the front door, hinge, we think. I attached photos where the top hinge pin appears to be bent and is causing the door to not sit properly. Also looks like the door gasket is not able to seal right because...
  9. C

    Blaze King Ke1107 bypass door falling off the rod

    We have a blaze king (we think it’s a ke1107 model about 12 years old) and recently the hook on the bypass door completely broke off. We re-welded the hook back on, but now the door itself won’t stay seated correctly. The door falls off of the bypass rod when opened all the way and the bypass...
  10. B

    Should I Get a Blaze King? (New & Confused)

    Little backstory, we are on oil baseboard heaters right now and it is EXPENSIVE. It costs us about $550-650 a month depending on the weather and we are absolutely over it. We are looking to invest in an insert for our fireplace. We went down and talked to a dealer today and we've opted to go...
  11. A

    Need to say a huge thank you to BKVP for helping us get an installation issue corrected.

    The original installer didn't quite get it right and we ended up with no draft and smoke in the house 14 months after the original install. BKVP asked some questions via pm and by phone and then the company got a hold of the dealer that sold/installed the Blaze King Princess 30.2 and things were...
  12. Jerome P

    Life span of a catalytic combustor in hours

    I'm just curious in knowing how many hours a catalytic combustor last if running the wood stove as primary heat, 24/7 hours for 8 months in average 20 F daytime & 10 F night time in Wisconsin, burning dry red oak @<20% moisture content, burn no garbage materials except some non glossy paper...
  13. Jerome P

    How many 8" split pieces of wood can the Blaze King 40 hold?

    New guy here, love this forum! Wondering how many 8" split pieces the King 40 can hold going from left to right at 22" wood length? I may be asking this question a bit late as I'm already waiting for an estimate to be emailed to me for the Blaze King 40, new 8" Class A chimney and for the...
  14. W

    Basement Woodstove Options - BK,Lopi,GM60

    Looking to install woodstove in a new build house in a partially finished basement but having trouble deciding on what stove to get. Live in Mid-Coast Maine. Hoping to get input but want a good stove, nothing fancy, long burn times, quality built and not requiring too much maintenance or...
  15. S

    Breaking in a brand new Blaze King Princess 29 insert

    Hey all, after doing tons of research we ordered a Blaze King Princess 29 insert to help heat our old historic home (Chicagoland, IL, USA). Originally was supposed to ship in October but due to supply chain issues, we only just received it this week. But thankfully we got it installed, and now I...
  16. B

    Blaze King ke40 Installation

    I have been looking at getting a Blaze King King 40 and the manual has an image showing no less than 2' from the top of the stove to the bottom of a horizontal pipe. They recommend 3' for that distance. I currently have an 8" horizontal run through my wall at 53" from the bottom of that pipe...
  17. fallingpines

    New Princess 29 Insert - Questions - Running Very Hot & Installation

    New member here, just got a BK Princess 29 Insert on Tuesday. This one replaced a 93? Country Comfort 350cc left by the previous owner. I think the final measurement of the chimney was 25.2 from base of hearth to the top of the original liner, final ss liner was around 22.5 after an elbow was...
  18. O

    Blaze King Uphoria

    First week with Blaze King Princess 32……AMAZING……..I’ve seen people refer to it as an appliance and completely understand as I sit and watch it turn the fire on and off using old bimetallic technology and no electricity. I was hesitant when replacing our ancient but trusted Schrader Fireplace...
  19. M

    Indoor odor from catalytic combuster?

    Have a 2 yr. old Blaze King Chinook hybrid. About the time I engage the cat, an unusual odor is produced. It doesn't smell like smoke. It goes away after a bit. I had my dealer look at it. He basically said he doesn't really notice the smell, but there definitely is one. He suggested it was...
  20. B

    Blaze King Thermostat and Bypass Mod (GASP!) (Chinook 20.2)

    Being in a small and efficient house, the teeniest of adjustments on the regulator have a huge impact on house temperature. So why not make it easier to be really pedantic about it? Pretty simple mod anyone can do. Might work with more that just the Chinook 20.2. If you're wondering why the...
  21. bikeshopguy345

    Did I buy the wrong stove?

    The situation: I live in North MS in a 1500sq.ft. ranch style home. We are on our first season with the Vermont Castings Aspen C3. We bought the stove with the intention of supplementing our 3ton heat pump central unit when the temps get below freezing. We really like the stove. It looks...
  22. B

    Blaze King and Raspberry Pi

    I'm the new kid on the block and this is my first post. We purchased a Blaze King Chinook 20.2 late in the summer. We use it to heat a bathroom and a couple of bedrooms. Overall, we are very happy with the stove. We get great burn times. My only complaint has been that I have to fiddle with...
  23. 473E589C-CAD2-4191-8D5C-9860A77E3508.jpeg


    Hello! New to the forum. Does a Blaze King need to be completely air tight between the fire and bypass chambers? Thanks I’m reworking an older princess any pointers would be great! Thanks
  24. S

    Newbie needs a new stove...

    Hello and thanks for your input and advice. I intend to upgrade from an old 1977 Vermont Castings Vigilant. It would be nice to use the 26% tax credit with an approved new wood stove purchase and install. Current stove is a Vermont Castings 1977 Vigilant. It uses lots of wood and is not...
  25. C

    Is this an old Blaze King Princess and what is wrong?

    Hi This stove has no markings, no labels. After searching for a very long time online I deducted that it is likely a Blaze King I contacted a BK dealer who thinks it is an older Blaze King Princess... about 30-40 years old. The dealer says they talked to Blaze King after I sent photos (posted...
  26. W

    Blaze king Ashford 30.2 smoke smell problem

    I absolutely love my blaze king. It heats the entire house on the coldest days and I don’t think you can beat the larger fireboxes. However, I was recently told I can’t use the stove anymore due to an almost constant smoky smell and for the first time this winter we are burning propane. I...
  27. I

    Blaze King Princess (PR-202?) - Looking for Info

    Just bought a house with this wood stove in it. Looking for a little information about it. I couldn't find any plates or markings on the outside to tell me the exact model or production year. Could it be a PR-202? What does the J stand for on the PR-202J? The inside gasket appears to be in...
  28. profire

    BK Sirocco 25 - Short Burntimes

    First off thanks to everyone here, all your comments guided me to buy a BK King Parlor last year, and the Sirocco 25 insert this year for my unused fireplace. Had a block off plate installed with it since most here seem to recommend. My King burns like a dream at or above the maximum advertised...
  29. W

    How long for new Blaze King paint to cure/smell/smoke

    Had the first fire in my new BK Ashford 30. It had a good amount of smoke coming off the whole top/sides of the firebox last night. Left it burning on low all night with the windows open. This morning the smoke is much less but the smell is still there. If anyone can tell me how normal this is...
  30. new stove

    new stove