Blaze King Ashford 30.2 Door Hinge/Gasket

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New Member
Nov 19, 2023
Lisle NY
We purchased a new blaze king Ashford 30.2 last fall and are experiencing an issue with the front door, hinge, we think. I attached photos where the top hinge pin appears to be bent and is causing the door to not sit properly. Also looks like the door gasket is not able to seal right because the door is crooked. Does anyone know how to replace the door hinge or where to get that part? We are hoping to avoid our original install company, since they really did a terrible job on the whole project.


IMG_9675.jpg IMG_9674.jpg
All our warranty work needs to be performed by the selling retailer. If you contact the dealer, they should be able to determine if there is an issue with the door hinge. Please post a picture with the door closed so that the alignment can be verified. The knife edge seal does not always hit dead of center in the gasket, if that is your only concern.

The gap your stove has is normal Has to do with offset in the hinger design. These images are as they come off the production line. I apologize for the plastic wrap, but this one is shipping right now.....


20231120_111114.jpg 20231120_111121.jpg