1. K

    Whitfield Eye Bolt

    Does anyone know where I can find this? It's the bolt that holds the door. I have been every where and have no luck. I will buy it from you if you have it! I also attached my model info for reference. Thank You!
  2. I

    Austroflamm Integra Parts

    does anyone know where I can get parts for my 1992 Integra? There’s a few things that look like they need to be replaced. Thank you.
  3. D

    Parts for Dell Point Europa 75

    Going on year 12 with this stove. I cannot find a supplier for the ash augers, particularly the central auger. If anyone knows a place or if you have one to sell, please let me know. Thanks.
  4. M

    Searching for blower for Vermont Casting 0044

    We have a wood burning insert and the right blower just went. Part 1604114. I know these are discontinued. Looking to see if anyone has parts, substitute it any other info on this. I'd like to get it back up and running if possible...
  5. R

    1977 VC Vigilant with Catalytic....hows this work?

    Hi all, Ive been reading the Hearth forums for a long time, but just joinex up today after installing a 1977 vigilant in my fireplace that came with a catalytic unit on the back. The stove is in exellent condition and seems like it was hardly ever used. My questions are: Im assuming that this...
  6. LilChickieeT

    What do we have here...?

    Happy Thanksgiving! So we live off grid and our main heat source is this coal stove. I have a tendency to shake it harder than needs to be done. (Supposedly) That combined with the fact that the stove is very old and the handle is wearing out is getting me in a lot of trouble these days, LOL. I...
  7. O

    Can I substitute a different remote control for the IOM part?

    We've only had our Hearthstone Bristol 4 years, but the Proflame remote (0.584.027) is already very flaky. Even with fresh batteries we have to press the buttons 2-3 times before the display on the remote responds. I can't imagine it'll be functional much longer so I'm looking into replacements...
  8. T

    Meridian Tile Ceramic Wood Stove - Missing Latch

    I'm missing the door latch (the part that the handle locks into) for a Meridian Stove that I bought second hand. Would anyone be able to take a close up picture of one so I can get an idea of what I need buy or make?
  9. Y

    Burn pot

    I'm a newbie so please don't yell if I make a mistake. I'm looking for parts for a Winston WP 24 which I probably should not have purchased. Specifically I'm looking for a burn pot. If anyone can help thanks.
  10. T

    Need help finding convection blower for a pellet stove

    Hi, I am new to this forum and I am hoping someone out there can help me find the correct part for my pellet stove. I have had the stove for almost three years and the long cage style convection blower is squalling terribly in at least one of the bearings. I have a Pleasant Hearth PH50CABPS and...
  11. J

    Kent Ultima 2000 parts

    I have a Kent Utlma 2000 stove that has been in use since the late 80's. It works well and looks good too. The problem is that the bar that is just inside the door has broken in 2places. It is held together with bailing wire, but I really need to find a replacement. The stove is no longer...