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Aug 21, 2016
south central BC
I'm a newbie so please don't yell if I make a mistake. I'm looking for parts for a Winston WP 24 which I probably should not have purchased. Specifically I'm looking for a burn pot. If anyone can help thanks.
I can't help you, just wanted to wish you luck in finding the part. Seems that is an old stove and I couldn't find anything on Google. Hopefully someone else on this forum can help you.
If you can't find one......make it yourself or have it fabricated in a small machining/welding shop

I'm not familiar with that stove or burn pot but they are not brain surgery to re-build.

No exotic alloy in the steel, And its not like you have to temper an edge on it.

Low carbon Cold Drawn steel would probably work well and be weldable if needed.
You can verify your intended use by asking the engineers where you buy the steel from.

McMaster Carr

Online Metals

Or a local fab shop for the stock

Good Luck
Found a bit of info, most of it in these forums:

.....Edwards & Sons, they bought all the parts from Winston when Winston went belly-up.
Edwards & Sons: Lucy and Vernon are very helpful. 540-249-4241

Six pages of troubleshooting a Winston:

You might want to see if you can find some of the members that were active then, they may be active now. Or email links may be found?

Not much else out there...I'll look a bit more later on.
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