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  1. D

    Clinkers in pellet stove

    I have a Breckwell P2000i. I had a back burn last year and ever since I've been getting clinkers in my burn pot. I clean it every week and this week in particular it was very bad. I assume because we had a few days in the teens and had to turn the heat up. Could it be an airflow problem, like my...
  2. R

    Quadrafire MtVernon Original vs Castile Firepot Differences

    I recently purchased a used MT Vernon original. I feel like I got a reasonably good deal on it. The stove only likes to ignite on High or Quad. The igniter is less than a year old and the exhaust blower has good pressure and doesn't appear too dirty. I was looking at the fire pot and it...
  3. H

    Ravelli Roma Burning through Burn Pots

    First time poster here. We got a Ravelli Roma insert 3 years ago. Unfortunately our burn pot keeps cracking. The first one lasted 1.5 years (9 months of use). We bought another one that lasted 3 months (should this have been covered under warranty?). The next 2 only lasted 2 months. The dealer...
  4. H

    USSC King Overflows - Solved!

    TL;DR There's a redesigned burn pot for USSC stoves that solves pellet buildup. Search the web for "king burn pot", and get the one with the slot cut in the front. (Models: 5510, 5500M, 5502M, 5500XL, 5500XLT) Problem: Pellet Buildup I've been fighting pellet buildup in my USSC 5510 for a year...
  5. Z

    Enviro Meridian - overflow and auto ignite issue

    Hello, I installed a used Enviro Meridian last year. The auto ignite worked for a bit but has since stopped working. Additionally if I turn it on at any setting over 1 the pot overfills and there is a lot of in burnt fuel that catches fire outside the burn put. Any steps I should take to...
  6. Viggy

    Harman Accentra II Burn Pot

    Happy Holidays folks! I am new to New England and a pellet stove and have cleaned out the front side after the winter season but, I noticed a smoke smell when I fired it up for the first time this year, so, I am going through a major cleaning, replacing gaskets and an ignitor. Anyone had any...
  7. M

    Englander 10-CPM trouble

    I have a Englander 10 CPM that keeps overflowing the burnpot and not fully burning pellets. New combustion blower, fully cleaned stove. Burning green team platinums that I've had good luck with up until this weekend. I cleaned the chimney as well. My lower button settings were 1-6-1 but I...
  8. N

    Does multi fuel burn pot prevent hopper fire in St Croix Auburn?

    I recently dealt with a hopper fire in a St Croix Auburn made in about 2012. It was a bit scary but caught before oo much damage. This stove came with a corn pot, but a dealer told me that there was no need to get a multifuel pot to burn pellets. However, combustion blower was dirty and not...
  9. T

    Ashley Heritage 5700 questions.

    Hello everyone, New to this forum, not new to forum etiquette. I have searched and searched to no avail... There is not very much info on my stove. I have worked with my general knowledge of things and applied common sense to link other stove solutions to mine but still have a few questions I...
  10. J

    New owner of a Harman PF100

    I recently bought a home with a 2010 PF100 furnace that was not very well maintained... After cleaning out about 40-50 pounds of ash, lubricated fan shafts, hinges and screw threads with high temp lubricant and scraping rust off of just about everything, I have realized (thanks to these forums)...
  11. C

    Igniter Holder Broke off of Burning Pot

    I have a Classic Bay 1200 insert wood pellet stove. The igniter bracket came off of the burn pot. It looks to me like it was welded directly onto the burn pot. I can't believe how this could come off. Has anyone every experienced this? I am wondering if I can do some sort of patch with a...
  12. M


    Hi all, just installed a Breckwell P4000 Classic Cast in my house today. Stove is about 7 years old, got it from my father. He never had any problems with it. A couple times today it would go to start up like normal...pellets drop into the burn pot. But it seems before the igniter can work it’s...
  13. T

    Oily residue and harsh smoke smell

    Good evening, Just joined, trying to figure out what happened to my stove... This morning, I ran my stove for about 30 minutes just to get the chill out of the house. Turned it off, left for work. Wife called about an hour later telling me there was a tons of smoke in the burn chamber. She...
  14. Y

    Burn pot

    I'm a newbie so please don't yell if I make a mistake. I'm looking for parts for a Winston WP 24 which I probably should not have purchased. Specifically I'm looking for a burn pot. If anyone can help thanks.