Enviro Meridian - overflow and auto ignite issue

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New Member
Nov 22, 2021
Hello, I installed a used Enviro Meridian last year.

The auto ignite worked for a bit but has since stopped working. Additionally if I turn it on at any setting over 1 the pot overfills and there is a lot of in burnt fuel that catches fire outside the burn put. Any steps I should take to figure out the problem? Thanks
Znera 143 Welcome to the forum
Your pot overfill is a very good sign your stove
needs a teardown and cleaning. The burn pot is
starved of combustion air. Exhaust passages full of ash
Test igniter and replace as necessary
If you need a manual here is one
Thanks for the quick response. I pulled the stove and I’m going to order a new combustion blower. After removing the stove I notice a lot of build up on the chimney liner and within the fan. Is this all stemming from the same problem. I did a deep clean and everything was full of soot and ash. Just want to know if there is any other possible issue before I put it all back together. Thanks!

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In the parts dig. Remove number 30 and
clean behind it also clean from there the
passage to the blower around the slider plate
This type of cleaning should be done at the end
of every burning season and when necessary
A clean stove is a happy stove