P43 constant burn issue

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Mar 21, 2024
Hi we bought our p43 in December 2023 and love it so far.
But over the 2 weeks we have notice it not kicking out as much heat as it had before. We keep the stove pretty clean. (Fire pot and baffles are scraped daily).
The issue really started today. We have our stove set to constant burn and haven't had any issue. But Today the house was 67 when we got home and contued to drop. Even when we turn it up. The flame is really small and barely there. ( as if it is in room temp with auto ignite off. So it's just maintaining a burn) but when I turn it to room temp it works fine. Flame is big and bright and full of live and outputs lots of heat. Works as if it should. No lights indicating an issue. But auger slows down and flame dies down in constant burn. ( no matter the temp setting) chimney is clean. Esp sensor is clean. Pellet hopping was cleaned and still have issue.
Any idea what is could be??
I can only think of 2 things concidering you have touched all the bases as far as maintaining your stove properly.
the ESP probe which controls your stove in constant/stove mode is bad or, your board is bad.
I would change the ESP probe 1st as it is much cheaper [ assuming you have cleaned it in the exhaust tunnel] which I see you did....
P61A burner/9 yrs.
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Is your ESP perhaps built up with ash? Try running a brush thru that area (carefully) first, before throwing any money at it.