Harman Accentra II Burn Pot

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New Member
Nov 30, 2019
Happy Holidays folks! I am new to New England and a pellet stove and have cleaned out the front side after the winter season but, I noticed a smoke smell when I fired it up for the first time this year, so, I am going through a major cleaning, replacing gaskets and an ignitor.
Anyone had any experience replacing the gasket on the burn pot? I see the four nuts on the burn side of the stove but, I don't want to dive into disassembling until I have a plan.
If you're smelling smoke it's more likely a leak in the vent pipe somewhere. My stove usually smokes a bit on startup but once it gets going it's smoke free. Using a good flashlight in a darkened room I can see if there's any smoke leaking from the vent pipe.