Englander 10-CPM trouble

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New Member
Nov 1, 2018
Poplar Ridge NY
I have a Englander 10 CPM that keeps overflowing the burnpot and not fully burning pellets. New combustion blower, fully cleaned stove. Burning green team platinums that I've had good luck with up until this weekend. I cleaned the chimney as well. My lower button settings were 1-6-1 but I jacked the air up to 9 to see if that would help to no avail. Seems to run better on heat range 5 and below. Sometimes I hear a clicking sound very light coming from behind the firebox. Any help would be appreciated. Thabks
1 Combustion blower problem 2 Control board problem 3 Your stove may be due for rubber mallet and leaf blower trick.