Englander 25-PDVC not putting out heat

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Dec 22, 2022
Hey I recently purchased a used englander 25-PDVC pellet stove mfd 2014. That a friend used to heat his cabin and now it’s in my 500 square foot garage and I’m having no luck getting it to heat the space.

The stove will lite by itself, burns good but you have to be inch’s from the front to feel the blower putting off lukewarm air. The blower works. I even took it off and cleaned the blades as well as blow out the dust in the stove with an air compressor. When I put this stove on 3-3 in 12 hours it burns about 30lbs of pellets and my garage will only be 6 degrees in the morning. Almost like al the heats going out the exhaust. I took The large plate out and cleaned behind it and put it back in tight against the back of the fire place.

I had my lower settings at 5-4-1 and changed them to 6-4-1 with no improvement. I’m using the same pellets that heated the cabin no problem. And the chimney only runs a short distance out the back wall. the ash is fine in the burn pot when I clean it and the glass isn’t getting super black. Between bags.

When I’m working in the garage I can set it to 9-9 and maybe get 12 degrees Celsius around the unit but the other side of the garage is still cold.

The garage is insulated, and with my little ice fishing heater I can get the temp to 17 degrees.
Question: When you set it to 9-9, are you still only getting lukewarm air?

Yes the flame gets a little bigger and there’s a slightly higher heat coming out, but there’s no way it should be burning that much pellets with the blower working that hard for how little heat comes out. The stove itself is getting hot, can’t touch the front sides or it’ll burn the hand.
Check your room air blower, back right side of the stove when looking at it from the front. My PDV has a screen covering the opening that I'm having to clean out pet hair and dust at least twice a year. I can tell when it needs it as it starts moving less air and the stove will get hot to the touch.

Yeah I had the blower right out and cleaned the dust build up on the fan blades and made sure the gasket was in straight, no screen on this one. Still didn’t change anything.

I’ve seen other posts on this site about the pellet stoves not putting heat out. But there’s been no real solutions.
This may seem like a dumb question, but I was having similar issues with mine (older, 2008 IIRC), then took a better look at it to see if anything jumped out at me.

I bought mine used, no manual, and have only been burning it a week or two, so I hadn't thought to look for obvious issues.

It had the baffle plate installed wrong (upside down) in it so it was failing the job that baffle plates are intended to do - block the heat from going up the chimney. I'm guessing the plate somehow flipped during transport, or may have never been set properly through the previous owners.
I have an England’s 25 pvd and after cleaning and changing the two blower motors the air coming out is lukewarm? My husband died and I can’t find anyone who can help me fix it? I have the 3 buttons under neath at factory settings, I’m using made in Maine pellets, it’s just not throwing out heat? Anyone have any ideas?
Anyone have any ideas?
First thing to check is to see what mode you are burning in Should be D mode but C mode is hotter.

Procedure to check the setting:

•Turn off stove
•Unplug it for a few seconds
•Plug back in
•Immediately press and hold the up and down arrows for the blower, then release.

You should see a letter in the window. A, B ,C Or D.

Some times when there are power outages or bumps the stove setsto A or B which do not burn very hot.
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I just checked my pipe outside and I couldn’t get near it ! It’s so hot, the pipe was blackened on the side, I swear it is putting more heat outside then inside!
What did you set the stove on a b c or d? d is default and should not over heat your vent. Can you turn up room blower? Turn down the feed/heat range. You should always be able to touch pellet stove vent even is only for a moment. If it is as hot as you say it is dangerous turn stove down or off.
Are you sure you have a 25 pdv not 25 pdvc? Check and make sure your exhaust blower is a PU 076002B. Check to see if your impingment/baffle plate is in correctly. On the 25pdvc plate is straight up and down on the 25 pdv the bottom of the plate is on back wall plate leans forward and top of the plate is just above door on front of the stove like this

Englander 25-PDVC not putting out heat

Englander 25-PDVC not putting out heat


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I just had a similar problem with my pdv stove, fires up great but couldn't get the heat above lukewarm. It's in my basement and I only use it to warm up my basement while I'm working on something. After checking all the settings and cleaning everything I found the problem. It was human error, I hooked it up to a thermostat last year and the problem was I didn't turn the heat on on the thermostat. The stove fried up when I turned it on (on the stove) and after heating up there was no call for heat so it just had a fire big enough just to keep it burning blowing out lukewarm air.
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So I’m back , I don’t understand but I have put it on C , everything is working great there just isn’t hot air coming out it’s just lukewarm. All after putting on new blowers. It sucks being cold and I keep seeing post of people with the same issues but never a fix
You can. What are the bottom 3 buttons set to? Have you checked to see that the thermostat jumper isn't in place assuming that you're not using one? Let's start there.