englander 10-cpm

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    Is Englander 10-CPMs firebrick backer board necessary

    I have an englander 10-cpm and the foe brick backer board is cracked and falling off. Do I need this board for heat protection or is it just there for aesthetic purposes?
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    Englander 10-CPM trouble

    I have a Englander 10 CPM that keeps overflowing the burnpot and not fully burning pellets. New combustion blower, fully cleaned stove. Burning green team platinums that I've had good luck with up until this weekend. I cleaned the chimney as well. My lower button settings were 1-6-1 but I...
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    Englander 10-CPM Burn issues

    We have a new pellet burner that is 12 years old but just came out of the box. The two issues I have : 1. No matter what setting it's set at, I can't slow down the auger and after a while the pellets will start to spill over in the burn trey. I have a huge flame and its putting out good heat...