Igniter Holder Broke off of Burning Pot

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Mar 13, 2018
I have a Classic Bay 1200 insert wood pellet stove. The igniter bracket came off of the burn pot. It looks to me like it was welded directly onto the burn pot. I can't believe how this could come off.

Has anyone every experienced this?

I am wondering if I can do some sort of patch with a quick steel weld putty or do I need to purchase a whole new burn pot with the igniter bracket etc?

Thanks for the help.
How old is the stove? This may be covered under warranty. I'd ask the dealer.

If the part is out of warranty can you take it to a shop for a quick spot weld? It shouldn't take much. If not, maybe pop rivet it on with stainless steel rivets?
The stove is 6 years old, so it is not under a warranty. I may try taking it to a welding shop to see if it is fixable. How hard is it to remove the burn pot? I am afraid that the bolts may be difficult to get out. If they shear off, am I stuck? Looks like it would be really difficult to get a drill in this area to drill them out.
Looks like there are 4 bolts plus linkage, thermocouple and igniter connections. The bolts may not be that hard to remove. You could spray some PB Blaster on them the night before or use some penetrating oil. The next day give each bolt head a sharp rap first before removing.

Here are a lot of shots of the burnpot from many angles. This may be helpful in visualizing the full assembly before removal.
I would pull the pot out of the stove and go to a reputable welding shop and have them tack it back in place
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I called a local welding shop, but they refuse to weld with cast iron. I called the dealer and they said it can be welded. Maybe most shops don't like to weld on cast iron since it is a bit more difficult. If I can't get it welded, looks like I will be spending a chunk of change for a new one.
Find a shop that does automotive welding on cast iron manifolds.
If you cant find a local to do it pm me.
No matter what you do, be sure to put some high temp anti-seize grease on the pot bolts, before you put em back in. Makes for easy removal next time. kap