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  1. G

    Mt Vernon not igniting

    I have read a number of threads posted here over the years, but I can't seem to find one that matches my issue. The stove igniter stopped working and, since I always carry a few spares, I replaced it. It still didn't work, so I did continuity and resistance tests and all passed. I checked...
  2. T

    Thelin Providence Insert igniter

    I have a Thelin Providence insert and it seems like the igniter went out on it. There seems to be very little info about this unit I can find online and none of the people I've contacted in my area (Northern California - 95033) know much about it and/or want to work on it. I'm not even sure...
  3. A

    New Englander Pellet Stove Smoking, filling with charred pellets

    Hello! I am new to this thread and I'm desperate for help! We've used the new englander pellet stove in our basement for 9 years with zero issues. This year, it worked a few times and then the blower wouldn't kick on so it kept shutting off. We've tried to start it dozens of times and now it...
  4. R

    Is my Quadrafire 1200i board bad? How can I tell?

    Auger wasn't working. Got that fixed. Dumb Move #1--pulled out the ash tray while current was flowing to the igniter. Very tiny spark noted. ;em ;em ;em Everything continued to work fine except the igniter wouldn't heat. Current status is that everything works perfectly except the igniter...
  5. M

    My Vernon AE Control Board

    I have a Mt Vernon AE manufactured in 2007 that may need a new control board. Local shop wants $779. I found one on eBay for $350, but the part number is SRV7000-456, not the SRV7000-330 in the manual. Anyone know if this is a viable replacement part? History is I replaced blown igniter last...
  6. D

    Harman P68 testing igniter, control board & fuse

    Harman P68 igniter is not working. Everything has been cleaned so I’m onto testing the igniter, the igniter leads and the control panel. What specific numbers am I looking for with these tests, where/what do I test on the control board and how do I test the fuse on the control board? Thanks.
  7. F

    Pelpro PP60 - won’t ignite

    Hello, We bought a house last year with a pellet stove. It worked great all last winter, but currently it won’t ignite. We checked the igniter fuse, and it still works, as does the snap disc. We have cleaned out the stove, and checked the fan. Otherwise I’m not sure what else we need to do. Any...
  8. D

    Harman P68 igniter replaced, still not igniting

    Looking for troubleshooting tips on a P68 igniter Replaced the igniter this evening but still not getting a flame. Used a multimeter to test the igniter and it is good. The stove has been cleaned & I’ve checked the gaskets with the dollar bill test and they are good. At start up, the igniter...
  9. O

    Igniter Poll- How long does it take to start your pellets.

    Noticed our stove usually takes 3-10 minutes to start up using the igniter. We have Harman XXV. How long does it take for igniter to light the pellets on your stove.
  10. C

    Jotul sparks, doesn't light pilot

    Like my thread says, my free standing GF370DV igniter will spark and not light. Yesterday I turned it on and off 6 times and the pilot never lit. I took the glass off, put a wire in the pilot 'gas ports' , put the glass back and it lit. When running it always lights and runs fine. Today, same...
  11. M

    Gas FP beeping instead of sparking

    my direct vent FP, made by Montigo Del Rey now makes a faint beeping sound when I turn it on, and the igniter is not sparking. I cleaned the thermocouple and thermopile recently. this is a glass enclosed FP. I just took a torch and heated up the 2 "thermos" . I then turned on the switch...
  12. AppleRock

    Harman XXV (NotTC) Igniter LED does not light on startup

    I'm not really a pellet stove guy (woodburner). This is so I can help my elderly mom get her older XXV repaired. The LED on the control box for Igniter does not come on when stove is turned on. Does this mean igniter is shot or shorting out the circuit? It's not clear in the manual what this...
  13. W

    pellets over filling burnpot...again!

    I have a harmon p52i. There is an OAK installed as well... its a pellet insert to be exact. Right before the cold season started, I did a thorough cleaning (burnpot, vacuumed near igniter, heat exchanger, etc). Stove turned on fine the past 5 uses and just now I turned it on and the burn pot...
  14. W

    Harmon p52i - how to manual start with igniter fluid?

    I have never manual started my pellet insert with igniter fluid. Its suppose its a good idea to learn how in the event the igniter mechanism doesn't work. Can someone please tell me how to do it when step by step instructions? step 1 - .... step 2 - .... step 3 - etc... thank you
  15. J

    Trouble shooting immediate E2/E1 on Englander stove.

    Hi guys, new here. I moved into my home 3 years ago and the previous owner has a Englander 25 previously installed. Other than having to cut a degraded end off a vacuum hose coming from the poet to the right of the fire box it's been problem free. Right at the end of the cold season last year...
  16. C

    Igniter Holder Broke off of Burning Pot

    I have a Classic Bay 1200 insert wood pellet stove. The igniter bracket came off of the burn pot. It looks to me like it was welded directly onto the burn pot. I can't believe how this could come off. Has anyone every experienced this? I am wondering if I can do some sort of patch with a...
  17. S

    My Englander pellet stove will not light

    I have an Englabder Pellet stove, model 25-PDVC. It was working fine last year when I shut it down for the warmer months. When I went to start it up this year, I found that I had a bad vacuum hose and switch, so I replaced them. Now the stove will not light. The igniter glows with no problem, I...
  18. A

    Bosca Stove Problem

    We have a Bosca pellet stove that has worked well for seven or eight years. Last year the igniter gave out midwinter. For the last part of the season we often had to light the stove using firestarter blocks for the outdoor grill. A few weeks ago we hired the local chimney sweep to come and...
  19. T

    Jotul 600 dv Firelight won't light

    First my stove had trouble responding to the wall thermostat but worked fine with switch on stove. Today the switch on the stove would not work. Fiddling around I turned off the pilot and tried to relight. Igniter sparked for awhile when pushed but now no spark. Seems like I now have multiple...
  20. A

    harman accentra insert w/faulty igniter

    history- changed probe sensor 2 yrs ago, everything worked fine. last year igniter frayed at base, blew fuse. replaced ignitor and problem started. can start stove via manual or via igniter mode. stove runs fine - no problem until attempting to shut off. when in shutdown mode auger...
  21. LI-Mini-Owner

    Enviro Replacement Igniter Alternative

    I've had an enviro mini for almost 10 years, and have gone through 3 igniters. Not really complaining about how long they last, since my long "shoulder" seasons have me running the stove often in the on/off mode vs always-on high/low mode. The price is my concern. The most recent on-line...
  22. Normbo

    Harman P35i Alleged Igniter Problem

    We were having an intermittent problem with our pellets not igniting and just piling up and overflowing and had the guy who did our installation come out. He said it was the igniter and that the Harman igniters often go out after just a couple of years. However, we have had no problems on that...
  23. S

    England pellet stove igniter stuck on.

    My England wood pellet stove igniter stopped lighting up so I order a new one and replaced it. This igniter works but stay lit even when stove is turned off. I'm hoping it's not the control board. Any thoughts?