Harmon p52i - how to manual start with igniter fluid?

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Sep 5, 2010
I have never manual started my pellet insert with igniter fluid. Its suppose its a good idea to learn how in the event the igniter mechanism doesn't work. Can someone please tell me how to do it when step by step instructions?

step 1 - ....
step 2 - ....
step 3 - etc...

thank you
From page 27 of your owner's manual:

If you have a propane torch use it. No need for lighter fuel. I never start mine manually. Why? It has started on room temp automatic for 5 years with no problems on the same igniter.
thank you... do you guys have a preference of using auto or manual?
If your igniter is working, use it. You don’t push start your car when you don’t have to, do you? Just keep the pot clean so you don’t burn out the element.
I got my stove going on manual mode for the first time! ... but... i have some questions...

1. once the fire started, my auger wasn't running. Then I noticed the manual says "operation will begin when the fire reaches the proper temperature". My question is, what temperature is it referring to? The heat temperature I have it set for or does it mean internal temperature inside the firebox?

2. I usually run my stove on stove temp and the temp on the lowest setting (1) and with the blower on max. I noticed my blower was not running high at all (even the I had the blower dial set high). Then I figured I would crank up my heat dial which made the blower kick on high. My question is, in manual mode, does the blower only kick on high only when the temperature dial is cranked up? Its as if the temp dial controls both the temp and blower.

3. I smell a burning smell in the room (constant), I assume it might be a leak in the exhaust flue. Can you guys recommend me a good high temp silicone tape? Can you please share a link for me (lowes, homedepot).

thank you
Per chance, did you install the 52i yourself? I ask because if the stove outlet are not aligned exactly, you might not have a good seal between the stove and the frame and that would, it’s certainly lead to smelling smoke. Regarding manual operation, if you are using constant burn in manual mode and your setting is low, the distortion blower may not come on at all. The stove is operating like a fireplace rather than blowing hot air into the room.