Harman P35i Alleged Igniter Problem

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Nov 20, 2015
We were having an intermittent problem with our pellets not igniting and just piling up and overflowing and had the guy who did our installation come out. He said it was the igniter and that the Harman igniters often go out after just a couple of years. However, we have had no problems on that score since a thorough cleaning, so I doubt if it's really the igniter (he wanted $275 to put in another one).

The stove glass seems to get a dirty faster than when it was new, and based on what I've read in this forum, it seems like there could be a problem with the hopper gasket. Does anyone have a picture of one so I can have a better idea of where I can find it and what it looks like? I'm new and don't even know enough to be dangerous. Thanks!

Harman P35i (2013) insert, burning America's Best pellets.
Clean out your burn pot and locate the igniter . It's usually in the center about an inch above the grate..Then, if possible, do a cold start up with the stove door open, don't let the pellets build up in the center of the pot. Watch for the glow from the igniter. My stove has 4 closely spaced holes in the burn pot for the igniter to make a hot spot and start the pellets burning..Once you see the glow, you know the igniter is working, push some pellets over it, close the door and in a minute or two you should have a fire....
Not igniting and dirty glass, check the door gasket.
Make sure your side plates are seated properly.
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