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  1. L

    Run Harman Accentra 52i Pellet Stove as Heat Pump aux Heat

    My wife and I purchased a Harman Accentra 52i Tc insert recently. We have a 2 story home in eastern PA with a heatpump zone for each floor. Both heat pumps are trane units with electric aux heat (pricey). My initial intentions were to wire the stove up to my thermostat to come on as the heat...
  2. M

    1997 Harman pp38+ auger issue

    Hi all, Brand new to the forum and was just given a 1997 Harman pp38+ with a new distribution, auger and blower motor. I had I try all set up and figured out how to test it which both the blower and feed rate work but shut off after a few seconds in the test mode. I ran the stove for awhile but...
  3. W

    Haman Pellet Stove ash not dropping into ash tray

    Hi, Im a newbie to the pellet stove world! thanks to everyone here for all the info, it was very helpful while making our decision to go with a pellet stove. We recently purchased a harman p42i pellet stove insert. The first week ran our stove the built up ash would fall into the ash tray...
  4. K

    Cleaning Tool Dimensions

    Hey all- I'm looking for dimensions on stove cleaning tools i.e Harman arrow scraper tool and/or any others you guys have. I have a CNC plasma cutter at my disposal and am looking to just make my own tool in my spare time as a project rather than buying one. Any other improvements you guys wish...
  5. K

    Harman tl300 air slide

    I’ve had the tl300 for 15 years and love it but recently I feel like the air slide working properly. It’s slides back and forth but does not seem to control the air intake. I’ve researched diagrams to try to determine where the air control is happening in the stove (without taking it all...
  6. W

    Items Wanted Harm Pellet Stove WANTED

    Hello, i am currently looking to buy a used Harman Pellet stove for my Mother, currently have a englander 25pv (i believe) and its somewhat older and never been overwhelmed by it just a intro to see if the pellet stove thing 'worked for her'. It does, and i want to upgrade it to a Harman Pellet...
  7. L

    Wire Heat pump & Harman accentra 52i to one thermostat

    Hey everyone, My wife and I just purchased a Harman accentra 52i for the first floor fireplace of our 2 story home. We have a 2 zone electric heat pump system both units are newer trane units with heat strips. We are located in Pennsylvania. I have been doing some research now for a few weeks...
  8. Pelletman308

    Tractor supply pellets stalling out my stove

    Hello, I am new to this forum and looking for some advice. I purchased a house last year with an existing Harman accentra52i pellet insert. The previous owner left me a pallet of fuel, a good amount were white bags with blue font that just said “premium hardwood” on the bag. The remainder were...
  9. J

    Enviro Maxx vs Harman Accentra-II Decibel Level Inquiry

    I've been looking at an Enviro Maxx to replace my existing Harman Accentra II stove, but there is one area I cannot find information on with regards to the operating volume. I'm well aware there's no such thing as a quiet pellet stove, and my Accentra II is obnoxiously loud. The stove is...
  10. D

    Harman P61A won't shut off

    We use this stove to heat a hoophouse with double poly layers inflated with a blower overnight in the winter. So we set the flame to be on constantly until we manually shut of the stove in the morning. But when we set the dial to "off", it just keeps running and augering the pellets in until we...
  11. AudiOOOOLady

    Refurbished Harman P61A Odd Noise

    Hello all! New here and new to pellet stoves. I have done an excessive amount of research from Facebook, YouTube, and on this forum. Have read and learned many things. I have a brand new P43 and “refurbished” P61A. The P61A has been giving me problems since we bought it a little over two weeks...
  12. B

    1997 Harman P38+ - Worth it?

    Hi, Due to a recent need to rebuild the floor and part of a wall in a section of our house that was originally a 1950's cabin, I had the opportunity to pull out our kerosene monitor heater and our ventless propane fireplace. We only bought the house last year and with fuel prices going up and...
  13. Sifan7x7

    Heat shield

    Hello, I just got a used harman oakwood stove, I’m planning on putting it in front of my existing fireplace. So it will be a rear vent. Do I need the rear heat shield or will I be okay without it? Also any tips on this stove would be helpful. Here are some pictures. Thanks
  14. Y

    Outside Air Kit touching Exhaust. Is this bad?

    I just had my new P68 installed yesterday, and noticed the OAK line is sitting on the exhaust. Is this going to create any problems in the future?
  15. B

    Harman PB 105 troubleshooting questions

    My Boiler is 7 yrs old, I clean every week and burn about 200 bags of pellets per year. The problem began when it would start on auto ignition, the ignitor would stay on and feed pellets so that they overflowed the burn cup. When I would reset by cycling power the status light blinks once (1)...
  16. W

    Harman 52i insert. It seems not enough combustion air is causing the fire to quickly quit and stop the stove.

    So. I gave my stove a good first of the year cleaning last week. Bear with me on being complete here as I always read people asking for help and not providing any info. What I cleaned: I didn't pull it out to clean but I cleaned all the inside. Including the burn pot holes, the area inside the...
  17. STLSully

    Harman Accentra Insert Flame Issues

    I have a 2006 Harman Accentra Insert that has worked beautifully for me. I typically do a full cleaning after every ton. At the end of last season, I must have been distracted because I didn't do a full cleaning. Fast forward six months. I did a full cleaning before firing up the stove. I...
  18. F

    Harman Absolute 63 Hopper Lid Dimensions

    Hey all! Long time pellet stove lurker here, but the time's finally come to get in the game and we're set on doing just that with either a Harman 43 or 63 Absolute. Plan is to partially* recess the stove into one of our fireplaces (fireplace is too large for an insert), but to make a final call...
  19. D

    Harman P61 Overheat

    Hey folks! Stove is doing some funky stuff. The other night the stove on 'Stove Temp' setting started feeding way too many pellets for no reason. Stove was burning on low for quite some time, then all the sudden started over-feeding with the thermostat at the lowest setting. Same thing...
  20. M

    Harman Accentra Insert filling with smoke

    Hi all, The short version: the inside of my stove is filled with smoke. It failed to light, and apparently failed to exhaust any smoke. I have five blinks on the control board, indicating that it tried to light, but timed out. Combustion blower? The light on the control panel indicates that it...
  21. B

    Harman Absolute 63 Metal Expansion Clicking

    Installed our Harman Absolute 63 last February and loved it. Heats all of our 2,000 square foot home. Recently I have noticed a clicking sound when the fire ramps up and then calms back down. Had the dealer come out and said it was normal metal expanding and contracting. I’m adamant that I have...
  22. N

    Harman P43 or P68 - Cathedral Ceilings

    Hi everyone! I am trying to decide on which Harman model for my first pellet stove. I will give you some background. My house has a Lopi Liberty wood stove in the basement, which is running pretty much 24/7. I have backup electric baseboard heat. Since I moved in, I have religiously been filling...
  23. J

    POWER LIGHT flashing, not status light...HELP

    Have been heating our home in Wisconsin with a Harman Accentra for about 5 years. Almost trouble free except for having to replace the control board about 2 years ago. That's the history. Must mention that I clean this stove every 3 weeks. Yesterday the stove started to SURGE, and growl. It...
  24. H

    Harman XXV “door open” warning

    Hey guys, we just moved into our new home and trying to figure out the pellet stove - Harman XXV. we spent a good few hours cleaning it out and all seemed to be well however it’s started shutting down and showing an “Door open” warning.... it seems to do this when the fire is up and running so...
  25. T

    Need advice on pellet stove

    I just purchased a new home and am interested in getting a pellet stove. The previous owners had a pellet stove, so we have the vents/intake needed. Here's where I ran into a problem. So, I am interested in getting a Harman stove, as that's the type stove I had growing up. It's been going strong...
  26. F

    Pressure switch not activating.

    Hello everyone. I am happy to report the responses from my last post helped me successfully diagnose my Maxim issue. However, now I am working with a Harman pellet stove model p43. The unit just stopped running at some point. I noticed the feeder wasn't moving pellets into the burn chamber...
  27. B

    Harman PC45 3 blink status light

    Hey ya'll, new here. I have read through quite a bit of threads here to try find a resolution. I have a 98' Harman PC45 that has recently shut down after a full cleaning, ran about 10 days. Only change right before it shut down is I had re sealed the venting and unplugged and plugged back in...
  28. D

    Harman P68 Never Shutting Down

    Hello, I have a Harman P68 pellet stove that is the main source of heat in my house. In December, the stove began to constantly burn pellets until the hopper empties, regardless of the room temperature. We woke up one morning to a 90 degree house! Here is what I know/have tried: - The stove is...
  29. E

    Another Harman woe about low draft and lazy flames

    First time poster after reading dozens and dozens of threads here, so while I appreciate your willingness to help, I'm not looking for general advice, but hoping I can hit some of the Harman owners who have been through this themselves. For example LeafMold's nearly saved me with this post...
  30. cd201

    Harman XXV-TC brand new, with tons of problems

    We just bought a Harman XXV pellet stove from a dealer showroom in August 2019 and my husband installed it up to code et al. in October. We've burned 2.5 tons of pellets in it now (January 28 2020) and have been cleaning weekly along the way. Last week, I noticed the ash pan was overflowing and...