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  1. OSBrain

    Harman pellet insert recommendation - P35i vs Accentra 52i

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for your home heating wisdom. I'm looking for insight on pellet burning insert recommendations. Our primary objective is to reduce our oil consumption. Location: western Mass New England, college town, few power outages experienced Ranch style home configuration -...
  2. Sifan7x7

    Harman p35i no flame

    Okay i am stumped. I bought a harman p35i insert last December. It ran fine till it was time to shut it down. I burnt 2 tons in it. I did A thorough cleaning on everything the manual says even the exhaust chimney. Now I’m starting it back up. I have it on room temp and the feed rate at #4. There...
  3. F

    Blown fuse and circuit board in Harman XXV

    This will make the 3rd circuit board replacement on our 4 year old Harman XXV. Every time the stove power is off and it's turned back on the fuse blows, as well as the circuit board. Isn't the point of a fuse to protect the board? The board we just received is the same 3-20-05886F but the...
  4. Sifan7x7

    Harman p35i insert problems

    Hi everyone. I’m new with the pellet stove. I got a new harman p35i insert about 4 weeks ago. I have a 1800 square feet home. 3 rooms down stairs and 3 upstairs. I’m having a hard time keeping just the room where the stove is in warm. I have my stove set at feed rate 3.5 room temp at 77 and fan...
  5. U

    Starting a Pellet Stove

    I purchased a house two years ago with a Harman P-68 Pellet Stove. I've never used it. Today I'm trying (and failing) to get it started. My first question: what is Starting Gel, and where do I get it? Second, initially the burn pot was empty of pellets. I set the autofeed to 'Test" and that...
  6. sandpipe

    Harman stove temp vs. room-temp mode & convection fan run time--

    Regarding stove temp vs. room temp-- I've been experimenting with stove temp lately because I like having the convection fan running non-stop. In the cold weather when the stove is running above maintenance mode most of the time, having the convection fan running seems like it would put more...
  7. C

    Harman XXV ignitor replacement too often

    Hi everyone, I'm in need of some help trying to figure out a problem with my Harman XXV. When it's working, it's wonderful. However, the ignitor will go out on it ALL THE TIME. First time it happened I replaced with a cheap piece of junk ignitor from Amazon. Last four ignitions and died...
  8. L

    Absolute 63 Dirty Glass

    Hi All, So my Absolute 63 is a week old today and boy does it crank out some HEAT! We've noticed that the room temp on the control panel and what the room "Actually" is at, is about a 7 degree difference so we've switched to using Constant Burn mode at a 2 or 2.5 setting. Even at that setting...
  9. S

    P38 Distribution Blower Not Turning Off

    Just replaced the OEM distribution blower on my P38 with the equivalent Dayton from Zoro. The new blower is a converted 3 phase equivalent, as they “phased” out the older models...no pun. Install went well. Hardest part was removing and installing the spade connectors on the board. After a...
  10. L

    NEW Pellet Stove Owner (Harman Absolute 63) NOOB questions

    Hi All! We are new to Pellet Stoves and just got a brand new Absolute 63 installed today. It is a corner installation with a 45 degree out the back, a pass through with the clean air intake integrated, and a 4 foot riser on the outside of the house. I have a few newbie questions: 1) As the...
  11. Q

    Harman 52i Insert Outdoor Air Question

    Hi all, I will be having a 52i insert installed within the next couple of weeks. Question regarding outdoor air. My existing fireplace was built with an outdoor air inlet - basically a "brick vent" that I believe opens into the ash dump chute. You can't see an opening in the firebox, but you...
  12. S

    Harman Accentra 52i-TC (Door Open Warning)

    I have a newly installed Accentra 52i-TC using as my main source of heat that keeps giving me a door open warning. It was a self install, zero clearance box, direct vent (Runs up about 3', 45 bend, 16", another 45, then slightly uphill going outwards. Its been running for about a week today, but...
  13. C

    Harman P61-A rises to 75 in room and stays there

    purchased in 2005 and has been flawless until late last season. If I start it at say 66 degrees it stays for a bit but over the next 12 hours or so it slowly rises to 75 and stays there. Ive changed the ESP and room temp sensor. Any other ideas before I replace the main control board? It runs...
  14. CozyCornerWI

    Sharing Custom WIFI Remote Harman Control via Smartphone

    Hello fellow Pellet Stove Lovers, Just in time for the 2018/2019 Heating Season! I have searched and read thru info on using Skytech and WIFI Thermostats to control Pellet Stoves on this forum and elsewhere. While there's good info around- it can also be costly & confusing to try out. The...
  15. H

    Harman 300i

    Could anyone tell me how to remove the firedome on the Harman 300i insert? I know the stand out models like the Harman TL300 come out through the back, but there are no bolts on the back of the 300i. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  16. J

    Good Deal or Not? 2012 Harman Accentra

    I'm looking into purchasing a new Pellet Stove and was almost set on the Accentra 52i-TC. However, upon looking on Craigslist, I found a Harman Accentra Insert that was manufactured in Nov. 2012. Seller is a pellet stove dealer, but not Harmans. He told me it has been run on average about 6-10...
  17. T

    Harman Advance 2 Noise - Auger?

    Hi All, New to the forum, although I swear I had an account here a number of years ago when I was burning coal, oh well happy to be here! Just picked up a nice Harman Advance 2 last weekend. Finally got around to cleaning and vacuuming it all out per the Harman maintenance video. Well silly...
  18. T

    New to pellet

    We bought a house at the end of winter last year. We have a Harman p68 working in basement. However, we have empty fireplace on the main floor... which has cathedral like ceiling open to upper beds rooms. Am I better off moving the Harman Pellet Stove to the main floor? Will it heat a larger...
  19. J

    Harman Accentra Insert Troubleshooting/ Refurbishing

    First off, I will start with I am obviously new to this forum. In some searching this seemed to be a useful forum to join pertaining to my recent project. I have been using an older Whitfield Optima insert for a few years as my primary source of heat. I recently took a flyer on a used $450...
  20. J

    New owner of a Harman PF100

    I recently bought a home with a 2010 PF100 furnace that was not very well maintained... After cleaning out about 40-50 pounds of ash, lubricated fan shafts, hinges and screw threads with high temp lubricant and scraping rust off of just about everything, I have realized (thanks to these forums)...
  21. Ryhder

    DIY Fix harman distribution blower without replacing!

    Hello , after having a distribution blower failure on my Harman XXV I decided to tear it down and attempt to repair whatever may broken inside, I searched for any info on repair / rebuilding the electric motor but found only suggestions to replace it. In the spirit of saving $200 and possibly...
  22. J

    Harman Accentra Insert Won't Stop Feeding

    Hey all, New here, just bought a home with a Harman Accentra insert. I'm loving it—but learning the stove can be very temperamental. Here's one of my primary issues: The stove sometimes will not shut off, even when turned to off as per directions—it keeps feeding. I have all the dials...
  23. DougInMaine

    Harman PF100 Auger "Clunk"

    I have what is probably an original Harman PF100. Within a few months of installation, I came to the conclusion that I knew more than the dealer (who did successfully install a replacement igniter). I've done all the cleanings, installed a new control board, added a remote programmable...
  24. N

    NEPA Pellets

    Hey Everyone, I live close to New Milford PA and I'm installing an Harman 61a used from a freind. I'm currenty looking at pellets and with so many out there I have no idea what to get. I have lignetics and dry creek 249 per ton or 5.99 per bag in town, I can get New England Pettets for 230, also...
  25. H

    Replace hinge on Accentra Insert

    The hopper lid on my Harman Accentra Insert no longer stays open and I’m looking to replace the hinge. Can anyone point me to instructions on how to remove and replace the hinge? There are three hex head screws on the bottom the the hopper (pictured) which are rusted on and stripped, and I’d...
  26. T

    Harman Absolute43 burning in Ash Pan

    Hi all! Bought a house this summer that had a Harman P43 installed already. When it wasn't too cold, it burned just fine and I had no issues with it. Recently (as in the past 2 weeks) the stove has been having issues. The feed limit is set to 25%, but it continuously pushes the pellets out of...
  27. Redrum3

    Harman P43 - New user, No Distro Blow, Weak Flame

    Hi everyone! I fired up my stove today for the first time since I bought the house in April. I started out with feed at 3, ignition on auto, mode on room temp, and temp to 75. I got a great fire but then it started to die down and I noticed that the distribution blower wasn't blowing nor was...
  28. W

    Harman Control Board

    Does anyone have a "dead" Harman Control Board, specifically for an Accentra Insert circa 2012? I would like to procure one to play with and don't want to take my stove out of operation/risk breaking it while functional. Not surprisingly all I can seem to find is new ones for sale.
  29. K

    Harman P61A issue

    i have a harman P61A. It is 3 years old, I have never had any issues. I just did a pre-season cleaning. I normally run it at room temp. Well at room temp will start but not stay running (I know it is thermostat controlled) but I wake up it is freezing in my house and well below the room temp...
  30. B

    Help Needed!!! Harman P61A vent options for existing chimney

    Hey guys! I am a newbie to the pellet stove thing and just picked up a Harman P61A to replace my coal stove in the family room. Thought that it would be easy to just call the local dealer and have them install it. Well they quoted me $1,200.00. Really need an affordable option and not sure how...