Harman stove temp vs. room-temp mode & convection fan run time--


Feb 24, 2010
Regarding stove temp vs. room temp-- I've been experimenting with stove temp lately because I like having the convection fan running non-stop. In the cold weather when the stove is running above maintenance mode most of the time, having the convection fan running seems like it would put more heat into the room instead of up the chimney. In room-temp mode the incessant on/off of the convection fan gets annoying. I'd rather the fan run on a low to medium output, non-stop, so that it becomes practically unnoticeable background noise.

Of course stove-temp mode is a big hassle due to my wanting to vary the room heat based on time of day/night. Normally I run a programmable thermostat via room-temp mode but fan noise throttling on and off gets irritating.

Is there anyway way to keep the convection fan running non-stop while in room-temp mode?


Minister of Fire
Jan 15, 2013
I've noticed the same thing but never give it any thought. If I'm in the room I usually turn the distribution blower way down to reduce the noise. I run all the time in room temp mode.