Harman P68 Stove Temp Issue

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Oct 25, 2023
McAdoo, Pa
Hi, I've had this stove since new 2010. It's been error and issue free during this time period. I've performed all cleaning and maintenance during this time period.
At the start of this season while turning the stove on, it popped the fuse within the control panel. Upon conferring with my dealer, the combustion blower had been making a little noise since before seasonal shut down in the spring, he recommended changing both combustion and disteibution motors. I did this and the fuses continued to blow. (Naturally stove was cleaned thoroughly during the off season and again before start up) Dealer suggested Esp probe. After changing that same issue... I suggested control board, which I changed. Dip settings as per instructions on off on off, 4 on for the 6 rpm auger motor on this stove. Also red esp as this stove is the post serial number model.
Now my issue, stove will not run on stove temp, distribution motor will not come on. It will on test mode and also in room temp it runs flawlessly. Can someone help me get this thing running on stove temp again. Note it will run in stove temp, just no distribution blower....thanks Steve....
Just replaced the board in my P61a, try flipping dip switch #5
In "stove temp" mode if your igniter switch is in manual the distribution blower won't come on with a stove temp set below 5.
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When my p43 started blowing fuses it was a short in the leads to the igniter. Changed the igniter and all was well.
I thought of that originally except mine was blowing fuses on manual as well. It stopped after I changed the control board, however I left the stove on manual, I've had it on both since, all is good.....
Steve, there is a sticky on top of this forum about how a Harman stove works ("thinks"), I have read it more then a few times and usually do again at the beginning of each heating season as a refresher. Glad your up and running.