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  1. R

    Pacific Energy Super LE insert - Dead blower

    I have an almost 2 year old Pacific Energy Super LE insert. Last night I noticed the right blower was not working. I called the installer and they said it is still under warranty and they will file the claim and come out and fix it. I am wondering if anyone else has had a blower fail. I...
  2. T

    American harvest 6039

    I just bought a used American harvest 6039 pellet stove from an online market. I took it home cleaned and installed it and it ran great but I had an issue with the stir pot catching. So I fixed that issue and when I was sure it was clean and running great I went and got some wood pellets. I put...
  3. J

    Wood Furnace inline duct

    Hello, I’m hoping to find an inline duct fan for my wood stove that doesn’t require electricity. I know they make thermo fans that you put on top of your wood stove to circulate the heat that does not require electricity. Has anyone used that technology to make an inline duct fan that’s...
  4. G

    In search of quiet, low speed fan

    I own a lot of fans. Box fans, desk fans, ceiling fans, pedestal fans. I use them in the summer. I try to use them in the winter too, to distribute heat from the stoves. Unfortunately every fan I've bought in the last five years is too powerful and too loud even on low, for this purpose. I had...
  5. W

    Locating replacement fan for 1980s Superior/Heatform

    Hello everyone, My condo was built in 1989 and the fireplace uses a Heatform-type air circulator. One of the fans doesn’t work, and I’d like to go ahead and replace both. My problem is that the standard “universal” fans that I’m finding have 4” blades and four 4.25” OC bolt holes. My fan...
  6. TrippWest

    Fireplace Insert Fan Stopped Working

    I'm a newbie and this is my first winter with my Napoleon Epic Oakdale wood-burning fireplace insert. The fan to circulate the air has stopped working. I plan on investigating the problem this weekend, but I suspect it may have more to do with my cleaning habits of the fireplace than an actual...
  7. B

    Whitfield Advantage iii fans bog down

    I have 1991 Advantage iii that always ran well. Replaced the combustion fan a few years back and new room blower replacement. Both have been cleaned and oiled. When turning on the stove without the auger on and increasing the room blower it bogs down and almost stops. Cycles like this until...
  8. W

    Getting Heat to the Master Bedroom

    I have a family room and kitchen area that gets too warm. Then I have what I can best describe as a L shaped hallway at the end of which is the master bedroom. I've done a decent amount of reading on the site and the wall fans won't work. The convection idea was interesting. I'm wondering if...
  9. O

    Jamestown J1000 Combustion fan fix

    Our house came with a Circa 1994 Jamestown pellet stove. This little stove is priceless and performs as needed for our 1500 sq ft house. About 2 weeks ago, the combustion fan started making a terrible noise. In my forum investigating, I found 2 things 1. Jamestown does not carry or has very...
  10. J

    Has anyone installed a blower fan for a Martin SA36 fireplace?

    Has anyone installed a blower fan for a Martin SA36 fireplace or able to direct me to someone that could assist? We purchased a house several months ago with gas furnace on second floor. The air duct system is unable to heat the first floor well. A blower on the fireplace could be helpful.
  11. S

    Ecofan Airmax spinning irregularly

    I purchased an ecofan a few months ago used. It ran fine for about 2 months, but over the last few weeks it has been inconsistent. Sometimes stove temps are 300-400 degrees and it is literally stopped. Other times at those same stove top temps it is spinning normally. Is this the motor going out...
  12. sandpipe

    Harman stove temp vs. room-temp mode & convection fan run time--

    Regarding stove temp vs. room temp-- I've been experimenting with stove temp lately because I like having the convection fan running non-stop. In the cold weather when the stove is running above maintenance mode most of the time, having the convection fan running seems like it would put more...
  13. V

    Brand New PelPro PP130 Issues

    hi i am new to this forum and i feel like i shouldnt be here this soon. ive been having pellet stove issues for months now so i broke down and purchased a PelPro PP130. Super excited when it came in i bought a bunch of pellets. I read the user manuel to make sure i didnt mess anything up. I did...
  14. M

    Question Regarding Draft Fan

    Hello, I am starting my second season heating my home with a Tarm Solo Plus MK II. I struggled with it last year, but thanks to all of you, this summer I installed cellular window shades, insulated my house using cost sharing from my utility company, insulated my thermal storage, and collected...
  15. J

    Regency i2400 vs Enviro Venice 1700

    Hello, I have my two wood insert choices narrowed down two: The Regency i2400 and the Enviro Venice 1700. I really like most everything on the Enviro better, with one major exception: the fan/blower placement. On the Enviro Venice, I like the looks, the efficiency, and the larger viewing...
  16. Ryhder

    DIY Fix harman distribution blower without replacing!

    Hello , after having a distribution blower failure on my Harman XXV I decided to tear it down and attempt to repair whatever may broken inside, I searched for any info on repair / rebuilding the electric motor but found only suggestions to replace it. In the spirit of saving $200 and possibly...
  17. R

    Regency GCI 60 Independent Fan Speed Control

    First time posting! I found a thread with this exact title, but it was old, and the members don't seem to be posting anymore. I want my pellet stove fan to run independently of the heat setting (I want the fan to run constantly at the highest power, regardless if its on heat setting 2 or 3). The...
  18. R

    fan in a stove alcove wall?

    Hi I live in earthquake country and as a result, removed our masonry chimney. The chimney had cracks when we moved in so we had installed a Lopi Patriot and a stainless steel liner through the chimney. We will now have an alcove where the fireplace was and will reuse the Patriot with double wall...
  19. SuperJ

    Do stove fan's make a stove more efficient, or does it just help spread the heat around.

    Does having a fan on a stove make it any more efficient? Or does it just help even out the temperature in the room. Or worded another way, will I burn less wood with a fan installed, than without (assuming the same room temperature)? I'm assuming EPA stove ratings do not include a fan. My...
  20. Otis B Driftwood

    Non-Travis OEM Fan Blower Reostat/Variable Speed Switch

    Hello again, hope all are warm. I've tried searching this redundant subject for a specific clue: HOW to get a switch for a fan blower for a Travis® insert that won't die every year! It's no big deal to replace 'em, but it's REAL annoying. Anybody out there monkey with a variable speed...
  21. ToastyMarshmellows

    LOPI x96 - Lookin to purchase Front Fan

    New question regarding Lopi x96 replacement front fan. Any suggestions on where I could pick one up for decent price? I don't have the front mesh cover either, so will need to full assembly. I've attached a picture of what I'm looking for: I've done some searching on the internet, but having...
  22. ylomnstr

    Fan for hallway corner?

    Does anyone have a recomendation for a good, fairly quiet fan that can be mounted at the corner of a hallway to help move the warm air from my pellet stove? I have one now, but it's starting to go on me and it's loud. I tried one of these, but it was very loud and didn't last long...
  23. M

    Heritage-Apache insert

    Just bought an older home with an Apache insert. I have not used it yet, but I have plugged in the plug for the fan. It did not run. Is it broken or does it kick on once there is some heat in the box? Can't wait to get started, One chimney cleaning and some firewood and I should be ready to...
  24. P

    1983 CDW FA264CCL - Domestic issues. I need a quieter fan

    I have a Dutchwest FA264 ccl. It was purchased by the original owner in 1983 and was used for about 10 years. Not very much I might add. I bought it in 2008 and It was in very good condition. I did a lot of reconditioning to it and put it into production. I burn about 1.5 cord per year. The...
  25. S

    Lopi Revere Blower Question

    I’m new to wood burning and we are loving our new Lopi Revere and the blower (~15 fires so far). I’ve read many people say the blower on low is “near silent,” but mine is quite loud. There isn’t a rattle or any other sound to indicate the fan is broken, it just sounds like a really loud fan...
  26. C

    Air circulation/wall fan question

    Hi there. This is my second season with my Hampton HI300 insert. It is located in the front living area of the house, which stays very toasty along with the dining area right off of it and the upstairs bedrooms which get heat directed to them via the cathedral ceilings in the fireplace room...
  27. Jaw818

    St. Croix Auburn convection fan

    The bearings went out of my fan last night, there are no dealers near me anymore, and online everything is $200 or more. Is there a cheaper option, or where can I get a bearing kit and how difficult is it to replace the bearings? Thanks in advance
  28. jake_face

    DIY Peltier Fan

    Anyone every made one of these? Seems like a really fun and simple project, but I can't for the life of me find a decent fan blade that will fit one of the small motors. Seems to me that with balance issues and whatnot, the blade is the one part you would actually want to buy properly. Anyway...
  29. S

    First timer - Fireplace

    Hey everyone. I bought a new home recently and plan on starting the first fire in the fireplace tonight. I have experience with wood stoves but not a whole lot with fireplaces. I know the basics, open the damper, make sure everything is clear, start the fire, monitor it and never leave...
  30. Z

    27000 Running on Hi

    This is our first time heating with wood. We bought a house that has a great Buck 27000 in the basement. Had it inspected and the chimney swept before the season. We've been using it some, and it puts out great heat. If I load up the box significantly, with the damper pulled down and the...