1983 CDW FA264CCL - Domestic issues. I need a quieter fan

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Oct 8, 2008
NH Seacoast
I have a Dutchwest FA264 ccl. It was purchased by the original owner in 1983 and was used for about 10 years. Not very much I might add. I bought it in 2008 and It was in very good condition. I did a lot of reconditioning to it and put it into production. I burn about 1.5 cord per year. The stove replaced my then existing stove (Dutchwest FA264ccl from 1981). I love these stoves.

My issue is that the fan makes too much noise. Actually, it's not really MY issue, but my better half's issue. She never lets me use the fan when she's home because of the noise.

Are there any alternative fans/blowers that are quieter that would work on this stove?. Will I have to custom make an air shroud to adapt another type of blower/fan to it. My fan is all manual. No thermostatic switch. I don't mind this because of the way I use it.

Any thoughts or suggestions on quieting the fan down would be MUCH appreciated.



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Why not just use a floor fan? Blow air towards the stove & enjoy the heat it moves around.
Less money. Less noise. No tinkering to make a custom shroud...
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