1. P

    1983 CDW FA264CCL - Domestic issues. I need a quieter fan

    I have a Dutchwest FA264 ccl. It was purchased by the original owner in 1983 and was used for about 10 years. Not very much I might add. I bought it in 2008 and It was in very good condition. I did a lot of reconditioning to it and put it into production. I burn about 1.5 cord per year. The...
  2. Webgurl

    Need Advice on CDW Never Lit

    SO glad I found you all! I've already downloaded the manuals I found on here, very helpful. I had no idea what my stove was until I saw one on eBay that was similar. I assume it's a CDW wood stove INSERT with backplate and the optional blower. When I clean up around it I will take a photo of...