Pacific Energy Super LE insert - Dead blower

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New Member
Oct 14, 2022
I have an almost 2 year old Pacific Energy Super LE insert. Last night I noticed the right blower was not working. I called the installer and they said it is still under warranty and they will file the claim and come out and fix it.

I am wondering if anyone else has had a blower fail. I am curious, because this is the second blower to fail on me in under 2 years. Shortly after install, the left blower started making a grinding noise, then stopped working altogether. They came and replaced that one, but now the right side blower just failed...

Couple questions: Any reason that this might happen? Something I'm doing wrong? Bad Luck?
Also, anyone ever do a warranty claim through PE? Dealer said it could take a while, but I forgot to ask them how long they thought it might be.

Thanks for reading. Also, thanks for this wonderful forum, I have read a lot of articles and posts here and it has definitely helped me to use the stove correctly and get a lot out of it!! So thanks again for the wealth of info here!
Had a blower go bad out of warranty. Stove and Grille Parts for Less had an aftermarket option. The surprise wasn't the savings - the blower is less than half the noise of the oem!!! I had to take another chance and bought a second to see if it was a fluke -it wasn't. Now, the worst thing about our Pacific Energy - annoyingly loud fan/motor noise is GONE!
Thanks for the advice... I have one more year left on the warranty, nice to know I can replace them on my own in the future if I lose another one!
Placed a ceramic spacer under the front of the lid and had less air noise. The better idea was to place a small fan on the floor to draw the heat from the cast iron and glass. Replaced with aftermarket fans in the past and they were noticeably quieter and more powerful.