Regency GCI 60 Independent Fan Speed Control

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Nov 9, 2014
Belvidere, VT
First time posting! I found a thread with this exact title, but it was old, and the members don't seem to be posting anymore. I want my pellet stove fan to run independently of the heat setting (I want the fan to run constantly at the highest power, regardless if its on heat setting 2 or 3). The poster "Wags" laid it out pretty clear:

"I simply disconnected the L1 feed wire (purple) from the control board to the L1 of the fan motor(blue) and inserted a SPDT relay in series. The control board output now goes to the NC contact and full 120V from the wall outlet (which this device and the stove itself is plugged into) goes to the NO contact. The common from the relay goes back to the motor L1 wire lead. Therefore, with my controller de-energized, power goes from the control board, through the NC contact and right back to the L1 wire of the fan, allowing the stove to control fan speed. When I energize my controller, the NO contact closes and NC opens. The full 120V power then goes to the L1 fan lead, giving full speed, which is really what the motor was designed for anyway."

I see both the purple and blue wires, that's simple, and where they connect I know I can put a switch. Can someone 1. provide a link for a good switch online. 2. explain where the 120v comes from?