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  1. A

    Brand New Regency GCi60-2 Issues

    Hello All- I recently purchased a brand new Regency GCi60-2. Since I work in the HVAC facilities field I took on installing myself as it is not rocket science. All I have to say is I am not happy with this stove at all. I am currently having the following issues - When it is on heat setting...
  2. Cheeks

    GCI60 insert flame struggles

    Hi, I've had my Harmon GCI60 Pellet Insert for over five years. I feel I know how it works year to year and have always had my settings the same (air rod out about 1.5 inches, fuel trim 5, air trim 3, premium pellet setting) Suddenly this year I seem to be having flame issues. Even on setting...
  3. G

    Regency GCI60 #2 light error

    Hi All, 1st post here. So I have a Regency Hampton GCI60 pellet stove insert. About two weeks ago the #3 light was flashing and the stove wouldn't start. So I cleaned it all out, pulled the whole thing out of the fireplace and cleaned the exhaust with everything else. I put it back and now...
  4. R

    Regency GCI 60 Independent Fan Speed Control

    First time posting! I found a thread with this exact title, but it was old, and the members don't seem to be posting anymore. I want my pellet stove fan to run independently of the heat setting (I want the fan to run constantly at the highest power, regardless if its on heat setting 2 or 3). The...
  5. T

    GCI60- getting insert out of the wall

    We are going to install a stone fascia on the wall that our pellet insert is installed in. In order to do that, I need to slide the insert out of the wall a few inches, so once the fascia is installed, I can slide the stove back into the hole so it is on top of the new wall. How do you get the...