Wood Furnace inline duct

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New Member
Feb 25, 2022

I’m hoping to find an inline duct fan for my wood stove that doesn’t require electricity.

I know they make thermo fans that you put on top of your wood stove to circulate the heat that does not require electricity. Has anyone used that technology to make an inline duct fan that’s “activated” by the heat rising through my ducts from the furnace?

I’m really looking to be able to disperse the head from my wood furnace better when the power is out.

Thanks for any help or ideas.
Interesting concept. I’m not sure such a thing exists, but it makes a lot of sense that you would want to be able to move the air from the woodfurnace in the event of a power outage. Several of the newer wood furnaces are designed to run someone with a power outage. I believe the new heat commander as well as the Caddy advanced automatically adjust to a default position once power is lost, enabling the excess heat to be expelled naturally. But a heat activated fan would definitely be even more effective.
What stove is this?