Locating replacement fan for 1980s Superior/Heatform

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Dec 2, 2021
Columbia, MO
Hello everyone,

My condo was built in 1989 and the fireplace uses a Heatform-type air circulator. One of the fans doesn’t work, and I’d like to go ahead and replace both.

My problem is that the standard “universal” fans that I’m finding have 4” blades and four 4.25” OC bolt holes. My fan (pictured below) has 6” blades and a single pair of brackets with 7.25” OC bolt holes (when measured across the fan). I’ve attached an image of the sticker that was on the fan.

Does anyone have any tips for locating fans like this? I’ve been searching for hours.

Locating replacement fan for 1980s Superior/HeatformLocating replacement fan for 1980s Superior/Heatform
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Also, don’t tell my wife (because she doesn’t know), but I’m an idiot. A little bit of cleaning and lubrication got the 1989 fan motor working again. I’ll still look into the other options in case the original decides to quit for good.
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