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    Leave in or remove?

    I posted previously about this heatform style metal fireplace and the possibility of an insert. Since then Ive removed the old granite stone work to expose and potentially remove the prefab unit to eventually knock down to the floor and add a stove. Surprisingly, it looks as though the unit is...
  2. M

    Confusion on replacing heatform doors

    Bear with me, I'm a fireplace newbie and I'm pretty sure it's about to show. My new home purchase came with a big brick fireplace with a heatform insert. The doors and metal surrounding piece is pretty scuffed, and the screen chain things are jammed/wrecked/and downright disgusting, so I'd...
  3. S

    This is a HEATFORM correct ?

    I’ve been doing all of the research I can hoping for a definitive answer as I’m planning on installing a wood burning stove insert come this summer In preparation for next winter. I believe what I have is a heatilator fireplace which is not a zero clearance fireplace and should be surrounded by...
  4. B

    Install propane insert into Heatform fireplace

    I have a brick fireplace with a brick chimney and a No. 37A Heatform built in during house construction in 1985. I'm interested in having a propane insert installed with minimum disruption to the existing fireplace. Are there potential showstoppers or significant challenges, e.g., running the...
  5. W

    Locating replacement fan for 1980s Superior/Heatform

    Hello everyone, My condo was built in 1989 and the fireplace uses a Heatform-type air circulator. One of the fans doesn’t work, and I’d like to go ahead and replace both. My problem is that the standard “universal” fans that I’m finding have 4” blades and four 4.25” OC bolt holes. My fan...
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    Raccoons!! -How to clean Smoke Shelf of Heatform Fireplace

    We purchased a house a few years ago that has what I believe is a Superior Heatform fireplace in the basement. Not long after moving in we noticed a nasty smell coming from it. We called a chimney sweep and after some camera work we discovered that there were dead raccoons on the smoke shelf...
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    Fireplace Insert for Heatform Fireplace

    First off, I apologize for starting another thread about a topic which has been discussed many times before, but sometimes it's just easier and cleaner to start a new thread (my first one by the way) :). So, I have a house which was built in 1979 which has a triple flue masonry chimney. The...