Leave in or remove?

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Dec 1, 2023
Vancouver Island, BC
I posted previously about this heatform style metal fireplace and the possibility of an insert. Since then Ive removed the old granite stone work to expose and potentially remove the prefab unit to eventually knock down to the floor and add a stove.

Surprisingly, it looks as though the unit is just flat on top and only joins to the clay liner by cement. I've prodded around a bit and if i slide something thin in the gap between the top of the unit and the angle iron, i can see it if i look up through the fireplace. I'm also able to wiggle the unit side to side and feel like i could fairly easily pull it out (assuming the top actually is flat). My concern is that the unit may be structural in any way and/or holding up the clay flue liner.

Wondered if anyone has seen a unit like this particular one before, or has any thoughts on the matter?

If it has to stay, ill have enough room for an insert no problem, but id prefer it gone to make way for a floor standing stove ideally.

Any help/thoughts would be appreciated!

Leave in or remove?
There must be a millions of these out there. My dad built his. It was the one way to build a working fireplace in the 1950 and on. The fact that they put a lintel on the front wall says they knew not to support it with the unit. I thought there was a separate flue damper just above the box. I remember it being made with angle iron. Maybe the terracotta flue sat on that. But its anyone's guess. Its there between the front and outside walls, I would chop out a block or two to see. Also before going to far check the condition of the terracotta clay flue. Taking out the box and going down to the floor with the opening will require a lot of masonry rebuilding work. There's nothing in back or below the box. A little more investigation will help create the plan.

Anyone here build or still build these?