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  1. A

    Leave in or remove?

    I posted previously about this heatform style metal fireplace and the possibility of an insert. Since then Ive removed the old granite stone work to expose and potentially remove the prefab unit to eventually knock down to the floor and add a stove. Surprisingly, it looks as though the unit is...
  2. C

    Full masonry brick and concrete blocks wall hole size

    Hi and thanks in advance for the help. I got this indoor masonry fireplace that has an indoor masonry chimney in the living room. It is location in the middle of my house. I am preparing to make a hole in the back of the fireplace (on the dining room brick wall) to install a brand new wood cook...
  3. B

    Brick removal advice for chimney liner install

    I’ve learned so much in this forum and have finally started my install. I’ll be putting a Morso 7110 in a somewhat narrow existing fireplace and lining the masonry and clay chimney with pre-insulated rigid oval Duraliner. My fireplace tapers to a narrow throat, so I need to remove a brick or...
  4. T

    I got ripped off, didn’t I?

    Hey there! I have a 1906 home that has three old coal burning fireplaces. They’ve been closed up for a long time, but we wanted to convert one to a vented gas log fireplace and hired a local guy who assured us he was licensed and insured and has been in the business for years. He was courteous...
  5. J

    Multifuel options USA vs UK

    Hello everyone, I've been doing alot of shopping around to replace our old garrison stove. We have a small masonry fireplace in our 900sqft cabin in upstate NY, and noticed there is plenty of relatively small options available in the UK, but very few in the US. Why is this? It's so...
  6. A

    Rejecting clearance guidelines in 100% non-combustible space?

    Hi all! I am hoping to install a cast-iron wood stove in the highlighted corner of what will be an art studio/ gallery space in the Girona area of Cataluña, Spain. Winters are not super cold here, but it is humid and windy and temperatures flirt with the idea freezing for a handful of months a...
  7. wcherrsr

    Wanting to learn about my new stove

    We just bought a new house and is has a rather unusual wood stove in it. I have reason to believe that this was built by a man from Winston Salem who worked on the Moravian stoves in Old Salem. That man has since passed away. I do not know how old the stove is. It does need some...
  8. Whirled Peas

    New install hearth mount plans for input

    Hi all, Long time reader, first time poster. I (think) know the drill. :) I am looking to install a second stove in my some-what leaky, 225 y/o, 1600 sq-ft Vermont home. The house was largely remodeled in the early 1980s (new insulation, storm windows, some air sealing, etc). This fireplace...
  9. Y


    Greetings! Wonderful to discover this great forum. I've found a couple of threads dealing with my challenge, but it appears most of these other explorations of cutting/grinding brick were smaller in scope. I have fallen in love with the Buck 74 as an install for the 15' masonry fireplace in our...
  10. W

    Can (or should) this smoke chamber be salvaged?

    Hi folks, I bought a 1967 ranch house last year with an original masonry fireplace. The sellers had the flue relined with a stainless steel liner that looks to be about 12" diameter. The liner is (now) clean and in perfect condition. The firebox had a golfball-size hole in one of the front...
  11. K

    Getting outside Air through Masonry?

    No, I'm not asking how to suck outside air directly through Brick (though that would be handy in this case)... 30 year old split level house with a small wood stove, & Hearth, with a 6 inch through-the-wall vent on the 1st floor (the 1st floor is at ground level, not an enclosed basement). The...
  12. 19glendale

    New User; Advice Needed: Century S244 or Vogelzang Defender

    Advice needed. I have never owned a woodstove before. I have an 1800 sq ft house (3 floors including unfinished basement), built in 1946, in Northern Virginia. I want to put a freestanding woodstove in the masonry fireplace. I have decided against an insert because the living room is small, I...