Install propane insert into Heatform fireplace

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Oct 10, 2022
Rockville, MD
I have a brick fireplace with a brick chimney and a No. 37A Heatform built in during house construction in 1985. I'm interested in having a propane insert installed with minimum disruption to the existing fireplace. Are there potential showstoppers or significant challenges, e.g., running the propane supply line to the outside of the house around or through the Heatform?
If you have an ash clean out in the floor of the fireplace, that would be the easiest way to get the gas line in, especially if there is already a gas line in the basement. Drilling in thru the side is another option, but will require both masonry & metal cutting drills.
I do not have an ash clean out in the floor of the fireplace, and there are no gas lines in the house. The gas supply would be a portable above-ground tank outside of the chimney. There is a channel to supply fresh air from outside of the house to the firebox. Would that be a possible route for the gas line to the outside of the house?
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It should, but it depends on where it enters the firebox. You probably can’t have it under the insert.