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    Mendota fv44i bowing?

    We bought a Mendota fv44i gas insert in November, and recently noticed that the metal frame around the insert (I’m not sure what the proper name for this is) appears to be bowing, so that it’s visible even with the fireplace front on. This also seems to be making it a bit difficult to attach the...
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    Quadrafire Gas Insert

    I’m planning to convert my wood-burning fireplace to one with a gas insert. I found a local dealer I like who sells Heatilator and Quadrafire inserts. Does anyone have experience with the durability of these brands (I understand they have the same parent company)? I am trying to decide between...
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    Considering switch to LPG from Pellet - Gas Fireplace insert do the job??

    Hello, new to the forums here and looking for some input from those who have first hand experience with gas fireplace inserts as primary heat sources. I am needing to heat home that is approximately 900sq ft on the northern california coast. Current heater is a Thelin Gnome Pellet stove (rated...
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    Need Advice on New Gas Insert

    Bought a house recently and the fireplace has all the gas connections setup but the previous owners took the fireplace insert. And I've noticed a LOT of mouse droppings near the chimney so I really want to install an insert ASAP. Not trying to break the bank and I'm assuming that i would need...
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    Lopi versus Jotul for a used gas stove?

    Hi all! I just actually signed up to this forum, but I've been reading it obsessively for the past month! To introduce myself, I am a young woman who recently bought an old (1800s) rowhouse in historic Philadelphia, and I am attempting to restore it to its former glory... on a budget! :-) I'm...
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    Insert flames too high?

    After much reading on here (thanks!), my wife and I had a HeatnGlo Escape i30 installed in our old wood prefab. We love it and have been really happy, but I've got one concern (and one informational question): One flame constantly hits (by which I mean hits and flattens out, much like a pan on...
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    Any Recommendations with smaller insert

    We are looking to update our fireplace and add a gas insert and I was curious if anyone had some recommendations. We will be converting this to propane as well. Our current fireplace is 31"x28" and 18"deep Inserts we are currently looking at Napoleon XIR3 (was told the quality of these...
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    I will Smash my Fireplace into a thousand pieces.

    So I own a Pleasant Hearth Cherry Full Size 45 inch vent free fireplace Model #PHFSDR-2C.... and it sucks. I have it set up for natural gas, its brand freaking new and it absolutely does not work. I have been battling with customer service for about two months now and they have been sending me...
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    Majestic L36B capable of gas insert?

    Hello, We have a zero-clearance fireplace purchased in 1976 that we want to have converted to direct-vent gas. One show place cautioned us that not all old fireplaces are able to be converted. Is there a list somewhere or what determines if ours is sufficient for the project at hand. Thanks!
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    Gas Insert - Programmable Thermostat Remote

    I'm considering installing a gas fireplace insert in my open masonry fireplace. Two different fireplace shops recommended that I get the Enviro E44. So far everything I read about it is positive, but there's one big issue. The remote thermostat that comes with it, as far as I can tell, is not...