I will Smash my Fireplace into a thousand pieces.

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Oct 31, 2016
So I own a Pleasant Hearth Cherry Full Size 45 inch vent free fireplace Model #PHFSDR-2C.... and it sucks. I have it set up for natural gas, its brand freaking new and it absolutely does not work. I have been battling with customer service for about two months now and they have been sending me replacement parts for my brand new fireplace. The thing worked great for the 3 mins it was test fired after being installed and now just doesn't work at all. The pilot light fires up with out any issue but the main burner will absolutely not turn on. Oh did I mention its BRAND NEW! and it has been checked over about 4 times so far.

Can anyone please help !! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Im honestly about to smash my POS fireplace into pieces and use to light a wood fireplace in my back yard so at least I can say for the money I spent It gave me some form of heat!.
Did you open the gas shut off all the way?
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