Any Recommendations with smaller insert

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Dec 6, 2016
Boston, MA
We are looking to update our fireplace and add a gas insert and I was curious if anyone had some recommendations. We will be converting this to propane as well.
Our current fireplace is 31"x28" and 18"deep

Inserts we are currently looking at
Napoleon XIR3 (was told the quality of these products has declined as they are looking to work with bigger box stores like Home Depot. I do like that you can turn off the front or back burner)

Valor Legend 3.5 (Looks like they do not use blowers and do not get to the BTU level as the others)

Regency LRI4E Gas Insert (I have been told these are great but may have a weak blower)

Enviro E30 (I do not know much about this option but it looks like it has the largest viewing area and I like the turn down as it is able to go from an estimated 33,000 down to 10,000 BTUs)

Any thoughts or comments on the above or any recommendations are appreciated.

Important factors we are looking large viewing area, what the fire looks like, fully functional from a remote, low maintenance.

Thank you and stay warm!
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