1. M

    Napoleon 1150 cookstove

    Wondering if any users of this stove can tell me: can you load wood through the trivets, like the cookstove my grandparents had? Or, are you looking down onto a baffle, or something< I've called Napoleon and a seller of this stove, who has it crated up; neither could give an answer. It's a...
  2. P

    Low limit thermodisk question

    I have a Napoleon low limit thermal switch and I am looking to replace it. Can anyone tell me the temperature range for W690-0002? It fits a GZ552 fan kit or GZ550 fan. I think it's a 125/20 but I am not positive. Thanks in advance for the help!
  3. U

    Napoleon NPS40 convection blower turning on and off

    The convection blower on our Napoleon stove turns on and off while the stove is running, even though the blower dial is set to 3 or 4. It will stay off for several minutes, and then will come on for several minutes. We have thoroughly cleaned EVERYTHING, and it has a new ignition switch...
  4. C

    Napoleon HMF200 major design flaw - want feedback!

    Hello everyone! I have a Continental CHMF200 wood furnace (A Napoleon HMF200 with blue paint instead of red) that I had installed at the end of March. I want to say up front that I love it for the most part - it burns hot, efficiently, and does an amazing job of heating my house. However, I...
  5. W

    Wife needs wood insert recommendations

    Hello everyone, Having spent a somewhat chilly New Year's holiday at our cottage here in Ontario Canada, I'm now researching so that I have good facts to convince my Hubby to get a wood burning insert! Would you kindly share your recommendations with me, as the information is a bit...
  6. H

    Issues with Napoleon NPI40.

    Hey Guys, first post here. I'm fairly new to pellet stoves in general but feel like i've got the basics down. Anyway, I recently purchased a used NPI40. I picked it up at a good price knowing it could potentially have issues. First thing I found was that the stove turned on as soon as I plugged...
  7. D

    Napoleon 1600c-1

    Any experience or comments on the above stove ? I can’t seem to find much being said on this stove . Good or bad
  8. seaninnj

    Time lapse - German Schmeer and fireplace insert install

    Took the GoPro and setup a time lapse to capture the application of the german shimmer on the old fireplace brick. We love how it turned out. Thanks all for the tips on how to get this done without too much fuss.
  9. S

    chimney liner question

    Hello long time lurker first time poster. I am brand new to wood burning and have yet to burn a log. I picked up a naploen 1402 insert and and am unsure what type of pipe I need to install it into my fireplace. My chimney is ceramic lined and is wide enough to accommodate a 6 inch pipe. My...
  10. WaffleIron

    Couple Questions before installing my Napoleon 1402 insert!

    Hey guys, First post here! I've been lurking for a while and want to thank everyone who has contributied to this forum. After much reading I've decided I will most likely get a new fireplace insert and perform the install myself. However I have a couple questions still. This is the Napoleon...
  11. B

    Any Recommendations with smaller insert

    We are looking to update our fireplace and add a gas insert and I was curious if anyone had some recommendations. We will be converting this to propane as well. Our current fireplace is 31"x28" and 18"deep Inserts we are currently looking at Napoleon XIR3 (was told the quality of these...
  12. M

    Napoleon 1400

    I found a Napoleon 1400 for $500. I went and saw the stove. The steel looked good. There is very little rust. All the seams on the inside looked good. The bricks were out of the stove and in good shape. The baffles were also in good shape. There was a little rust on the secondary burner holes up...
  13. J

    Napoleon Torch needs a thermostat

    Hi, there new to the forums and gas fireplace installation. Here's a question for the electricians out there: Any fireplace used as a solitary heat source for my upstairs master bedroom must be operated by a thermostat per local codes, according to the inspector who's going to sign off on it...