Issues with Napoleon NPI40.

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New Member
Dec 3, 2017
New Hampshire
Hey Guys, first post here. I'm fairly new to pellet stoves in general but feel like i've got the basics down. Anyway, I recently purchased a used NPI40. I picked it up at a good price knowing it could potentially have issues. First thing I found was that the stove turned on as soon as I plugged it in, which I determined to be an issue with the Power Control Relay. Another user here had the exact same issue and was able to confirm my thoughts. Now it seems I may have another issue. I went downstairs this morning to give it a quick vacuum before leaving for work and I noticed the convection blower didn't seem to be putting out a ton of air, like it was on low, but the knob was set to 5. I went ahead and vacuumed out the stove and then started messing with the knob and it seems to be not working at all. Stays on low even in the off position, and cant adjust it at all. Could this be related at all to that relay, or is a complete separate circuit? Any sensors that could be causing that issue? Any help is appreciated.