Napoleon 1100 smoke/air issue

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Oct 27, 2020
New Jersey
Napoleon 1100. I cleaned the chimney end of last season and did it again about a week ago. Air doesn't seem to be flowing right but I tried to deal with it.
I cleaned the fire box out after about a weeks worth of fires. I vacuumed out every vent possible then blew them out with an air compressor, I felt sure it would be like new. Once it got a good bed of coals it seemed to be fine, but getting it there was a smoke problem. That was a few days ago.
When I cleaned the pipe I only went up to the ceiling height because not only just a little creasote came out and previous years there seemed to be nothing to clean as the pipe goes through the attic and then outside.
I had to shut it down this morning because it just seemed to get worse. Past couple days flames wanted to come from the top of the door when I opened it. It generally seemed to not be getting the air that it needed. Never had a problem in the past.

So when it cools down by tomorrow I'll clean the pipe all the way up, but I doubt I'll find anything. I'll blow out all the vents again too.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance