Gas Insert Recommendations

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New Member
Dec 15, 2023
Hamburg, NY
Looking to have a gas insert installed in our existing factory-built fireplace. One vendor recommended the LOPI Radiant Plus Large model (direct vent) which would require the fire box metal floor to be taken out due to its height. Another vendor recommended the Regency U31 model (B-vent), which is considerably cheaper (close to $2,000 less), but the viewing area is quite a bit smaller than the LOPI model. Also the U31 is shorter and can fit in the existing fire box without the metal floor needing to be taken out.

Does anyone have any experience with either of these models and can share their thoughts on one of the other? We like the larger viewing area of the LOPI model as our fireplace opening is quite larger (47" W x 38" H) and feel like the U31 would look quite small. Also, as I understand it, being a direct vent unit it would have a much high efficiency than a b-vent. Any comments are appreciated!
Almost all of the gas fireplace inserts that will fit into a ZC wood burner will have small viewing areas. If you want to have a large viewing area, your best bet would be to have the ZC box & venting removed & get a DV fireplace installed in the cavity. It’s costly, & it will take the better part of a day to install it, but it’ll be a nicer look. Your call.