Majestic L36B capable of gas insert?

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Feb 24, 2016
We have a zero-clearance fireplace purchased in 1976 that we want to have converted to direct-vent gas. One show place cautioned us that not all old fireplaces are able to be converted. Is there a list somewhere or what determines if ours is sufficient for the project at hand.

Welcome to the forum, Newbee!
AFIK, there is nothing covering ALL ZC Wood Burners.
However, many of the newer insert Install Manuals will say whether
or not a particular gas unit is APPROVED for install in this manner,
& will have the procedure for the install written inside.
Most of the newer gas inserts don't weigh a whole heck of a lot,
& if you find one that will fit your existing ZC box, you should be
good to go. Many ZC boxes have a punch out on either side
(behind the refractories) to allow for the gas line to be run.
My own opinion, FWIW, is to go for it.
Good luck!
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